The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 30, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Damaging Crew of Cast-offs
Nine out of ten soccer fans, if not the entire count of ten, were loath to accept the result of the second round National Cup game in which Boston was eliminated by the Fore River F. C., contending that such an accomplishment by a team outside the major soccer circuit was hardly possible. Still the result was confirmed and fans began to wonder how the feat was accomplished. Boston was dumped out of the running by the close score of 3 to 2. League club cast-offs and former members of the Bethlehem Steel F. C., the defending champions, played an important role in determining the fate of the Hubmen, for included in the lineup of the shipbuilders are the names of Dave Carson, goal; Neil Turner, outside right, and "Jock" Young, right fullback. None of this trio needs an introduction to local soccerites, for the three sported the blue and white of the Bethlehem team. Carson was the last of the trio to receive his release and with Turner, a forward on the Bethlehem team for many years, went to Springfield, the baby member of the American Soccer league, which club has since withdrawn. Young was a fearless and hard playing fullback with the Bethlehem team several years back, and many followers of the sport were inclined to believe that "Jock" had shot his bolt after he left Bethlehem. Imagine their surprise when they learned that the former Bethlehem veteran played a bang-up game to help eliminate the Hubmen, contenders for the American Soccer League and finalist in the league cup competition.

Nothing Doing on Bethlehem Players
When the American Soccer League executives or whoever it was that selected the all-star players to appear against the Uruguayans in New York on Saturday, they did it apparently without the consent of several clubs involved, and one of those clubs was Bethlehem. The name of Edwards, Bethlehem goalie, was included in the makeup of the tame, but Mr. Edwards will not be present to act as custodian, according to advices from club quarters. With the announcement of Edwards as appearing in the all-star lineup, many soccer followers were of the opinion that the Bethlehem management acted unwisely, not knowing, of course, that the choice was made without consulting the local management. Bethlehem has a second round National cup game to play against Trenton on Saturday and while the team is fortified with a reserve custodian, it is Edwards who is wanted to guard the space between the uprights. To play on Saturday would expose the brilliant Bethlehem goalie to possible injury and with the cup competition swinging along toward the final rounds, the defending champions could not afford to take such chances. Especially so with players of the caliber of Archie Stark and "Bill" Allan on the hospital list. Morris Vandeweghe, of the New York Giants, has refused to allow the players named on his team to participate in the game against the Uruguayan team. Rather tough on Nat Agar, enterprising manager of the Brooklyn Wanderers and soccer promoter, but Agar must remember that insofar as Bethlehem is concerned, the honor of winning a National cup game is far more cherished than the honor of having a Bethlehem player appear on an all-star team.

The League Cup
The peculiar twist of affairs in soccer during this season is glaringly evident by the survivors in the National Cup competition and the contenders for the other soccer honors that are possible. With the elimination of Boston and Fall River's victory over New Bedford, it looks as though the Marksmen will be the New England representatives for the eastern final. However, the Marksmen will have a hard road to travel, with Fore River F. C. and either J & P Coats or Providence the threats. In the metropolitan district Bethlehem is favored to ride through as the finalist, but the defending champions, too, have some serious opposition to meet. In the league race Bethlehem seems to have the championship completely sewed up, although there is a mathematical possibility for Boston to come through. Such a turn of affairs, however, is hardly possible. The final in the American Soccer League cup competition will be battled on Sunday and interesting to note is the fact that both teams favored for the Eastern National final were eliminated early in this competition, while the two clubs to battle for the league cup were ousted in the National competition in the first round. This certainly would signify the equal distribution of talent among the clubs and the uniform strength of the majority of the major league teams. Brooklyn Wanderers, eliminated by Newark, a tail-ender in the league standing, and Boston, will battle on Sunday for the only soccer honors possible to them in the final for the American cup. Upsets in soccer this season have been outstanding.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club