The Globe – South Bethlehem
Wednesday, March 31, 1915 – page 12
Game Arranged for April 3 on Taylor Field

Official notification has been received from the U. S. F. A. that the following officials will have charge of the National Cup game on Saturday, April 3 on Taylor field, Lehigh University: Charles Crichton, New York will referee and James Walders and William Hinds, two noted referees of Philadelphia will be the linesmen. William Palmer, Philadelphia, has been appointed United States Football Association delegate and will be here exclusively to look after the interests of the U. S. F. A. Thomas W. Cahill, secretary of the National Association will arrive Thursday to take charge of the game. This will be the first time that Bethlehems and the Homestead Steel Works team will have met. Last season Bethlehems met the Braddock team and defeated it after a very hard struggle 3 goals to 2. Extra time was needed to finish this game. The Homestead team had defeated not only the Braddock team but all the leading teams in and around Pittsburgh as well as other leading cities of the west, including Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, Niagra, etc. On account of this being the first visit of a western team to the east, it is expected to arouse much interest. A big delegation of fans is expected from New York, Newark and Philadelphia. On account of the Pittsburgh team having colors very similar to the Bethlehems, dark blue and white uniforms, Bethlehems has ordered new uniforms for the team, the colors of which will be cardinal and white. Bethlehems will play in these colors next Saturday against Pittsburgh. Strict training is under way and with no injuries to the local team, it is expected to take the field on Saturday in fine condition for this game.

For the first time in the history of soccer football in America, one of the semi-finals, which is to determine the soccer championship of the United States, will be played on a college stadium, namely Lehigh University stadium, South Bethlehem. This event will take place on Saturday, April 3, when the Bethlehem Steel works F. C., Bethlehem, will meet the Homestead Steel works F. C., Homestead, in the semi-final round of the National Challenge Cup competition under the auspices of the United States Football association. It will also determine the Western soccer championship, owing to the fact that the Homestead Steel works F. C. has defeated all the premier soccer elevens in the middle west, while the Bethlehem Steel works F. C. has done likewise in their section. The winner of this cup-tie will be declared the western champions, and the winner of the final, the champion soccer football club of the United States.

One of the peculiar features connected with this game is that it has created a most intense but friendly rivalry between Messrs. Schwab of the Bethlehem Steel works F. C. and Corey of the Carnegie Steel Corporation, and no doubt, will bring out an assemblage heretofore unknown to soccer followers. It means the turning point and marks a new era of soccer in the United States, and means that henceforth the wealthy as well as the middle classes will be patrons and followers of this “king of winter sports.”

The other semi-final will be played at New Bedford, Mass., Saturday, April 10, the contesting elevens will be the J. & P. Coats F. C. of Pawtucket, R. I. and the Brooklyn Celtic of Brooklyn, N. Y., the latter finalists in the American Football association cup competition also, and one of America’s greatest soccer aggregations. The result of this game will determine the Eastern championship, as both elevens have eliminated all comers up to date, the indications are that both semi-finals will be witnessed by record breaking crowds and will furnish the spectators the highest class of soccer football ever furnished in this country.

The kick-off in both games will take place at 3 p.m. promptly.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club