The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 31, 1919
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Paterson the Contender
Like in the National League, the Bethlehem champion soccer team will be the Paterson F. C. in the finals of both big soccer competitions, the National and American Cups. The Jersey Silk Workers qualified for the finals in the National Cup competition by defeating the Morse Drydock eleven, of Brooklyn, 4 goals to 1, in a game played at Brooklyn yesterday. It was Paterson that contended for the honors in the National League which title the Steel Workers have already annexed. The Bethlehem players seem to have the number of the Paterson crowd and unless something happens to wreck the lien-up that appeared against the Chicago F. C in Taylor Stadium on Saturday afternoon, they will go into the games the strong favorites. If both cups are won it will be the fourth season these laurels were captured by the Steel Workers, something never before accomplished by any other team in the history of soccer in this country.

Western Champions in Tie
After leaving here the Bricklayers' and Masons' F. C. demonstrated their ability in competing with Western teams by figuring in a game in Detroit yesterday afternoon. Although fatigued somewhat from the long travel, the Western champions played to a 2-to-2 tie with the Detroit Roses. Chicago scored twice in the first half one goal being awarded on a penalty against Detroit for exceeding the goal zone. Detroit scored in the last period.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club