The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 31, 1924
Defeat on Saturday by J & P Coats and Draw with National Giants

Former Bethlehem soccer players have played havoc with the campaigning of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team this season. It was Fall River, with its galaxy of former Bethlehem Steel booters who eliminated Bethlehem in the National Cup tie competition and again on Saturday it was the deadly booting of Tommy Fleming, former Bethlehem player, whose penalty kick may have had a deciding effect in checking Bethlehem in the race for the American League honors. Fleming's penalty gave J & P Coats, of Pawtucket, R. I., a 3 to 2 victory over the Steel Workers.

Entertaining in New York City Sunday afternoon about four thousand fans saw the National Giants, of that city, draw with the Bethlehem Steel crowd by the score of 1 goal all. The break over the weekend severely hindered the aspirations for the Steel Workers in their hopes of annexing the league title, for instead of adding four points to their total for the season, but one was forthcoming as the result of the weekend campaigning.

Coats Wins
On the run of the play Bethlehem looked far better than Coats but in the number of goals scored the Rhode Island rivals had the edge. Bethlehem seemed to be afflicted with the same ailment that has been characteristic of their campaigning throughout the entire season -- the inability of making the best of their opportunities to score. Bethlehem scored two goals but lost many opportunities to register more.

Against Coats the Steel Workers took the field with Jack Rattray on the halfback line and Granger at center forward instead of W. Jackson. The latter injured his leg in the Fleisher Yarn game the week previous and was allowed a day off to rest up.

Both teams scored in the first half. Adams, the Coats' center forward, headed in on a corner kick from Drummond four minutes after the game started, but Granger evened up twenty minutes later when he beat Schofield with a nice shot. The score was one goal each at the end of the session.

Shortly after the resumption of play the Steel Workers annexed their second and final goal when Granger again scored, tricking Stevenson and landing the ball in the corner of the net. The lead was short-lived for hardly more than a minute later Coats scored the equalizer. This counter came as the result of a penalty kick expertly located by Whitey Fleming. Coats was pressing when McGregor accidentally fouled McIntosh in the penalty area. Near the end of the game Drummond scored the winning goal by heading in cleverly on a nice pass from Harvey. The lineup:

Coats -- Bethlehem
Schofield -- G -- Highfield
Stevenson -- RFB -- Young
[...] -- LFB -- D. Ferguson
[...]une -- RHB -- Rattray
McIntosh -- CHB -- Carnihan
McAvoy -- LHB -- McGregor
Harvey -- OR -- Turner
Drummond -- IR -- A. Jackson
Adam -- CF -- Granger
[...]bert -- IL -- Maxwell
Fleming -- OL -- Goldie
Score: Coats 3, Bethlehem 2. Goals: Adam, Fleming (penalty), Drummond, Granger 2. Referee, Lambie. Linesmen: Morris and Grindy. Time, 45 minute halves.

Draw with Giants

The recently reinforced National Giants, sporting Bob Millar, the veteran and one-time Steel Worker in its lineup, presented unexpected opposition against the Steel Workers in New York oval Sunday, holding the Bethlehem clan to a one-goal draw. The Bethlehems had trouble getting organized in the first half and as a result the New Yorkers had slightly the better of the play. Bill Highfield, the Bethlehem goalie, was in excellent shape and it was his excellent work in goal which prevented the New Yorkers from scoring. Millar and Crilly, the latter also a recent acquisition to the lineup were continually in the limelight with their brilliant play.

With the resumption of play Bethlehem began to show its class, setting a fast pace. Walter Jackson tested Brown, the New Yorkers' goalie, with a hard shot. The Giants returned the ball and Moorehouse opened the scoring with a clever shot after ten minutes of play. The score was made on a pass from Crilly. The one-point lead made the Steel Workers more determined than ever and that no more than one goal resulted from the bombardment from then on until the end of the game was nothing short of a miracle. The attack was vicious in which Reid, the New Yorker's left fullback, stood out prominent and prevented scoring.

Bethlehem kept on pressing with the New Yorkers massing t heir defensive to check the assault. Finally Goldie got possession and tricking Reid, easily beat Brown with his shot. In the closing minutes the Steel Workers were fairly raining shots on Brown but could not break through. The lineup:

National Giants -- Bethlehem
Brown -- G -- Highfield
Reynolds -- RFB -- D. Ferguson
Reid -- LFB -- J. Ferguson
Scott -- RHB -- McGregor
Bleich -- CHB -- Carnihan
McKinney -- LHB -- Terris
McAuslan -- OR -- McFarlane
Brenner -- IR -- A. Jackson
Crilly -- CF -- W. Jackson
Millar -- IL -- Maxwell
Moorehouse -- OL -- Goldie
Referee: J. Hayes; linesmen, J. M. Cook and W. Campbell. Goal for the Giants, Moorehouse; for Bethlehem, Goldie. Time of halves, 40 minutes.

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