The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 31, 1924
St. Louis Eleven is Defeated In Western City For Classic Cup Title
SCORE WAS 4 to 2

The Fall River soccer team, conqueror of the Bethlehem Steel soccer teem in the Eastern final, and comprising in its squad more than half of former Bethlehem players, is the United States football soccer champion. Fall River was crowned champ before a crowd of fourteen thousand fans in St. Louis yesterday after defeating the Vesper Buicks of St. Louis, Western finalists, in the final match of the national challenge cup tie competition by the score of 4 goals to 2. The smooth running attack of the Easterners and a well-nigh impenetrable defense caused the downfall of the Western team.

Fall River presented a team of stars. If it had any weakness, it failed to reveal them yesterday. Its passing was faultless, its shooting deadly accurate and its defense as strong as the proverbial rock of Gibraltar. The Buicks, o n the other hand, disclosed only splashes of the form which enabled them to sweep before them all other western cup competitors. They were bewildered by the enemy's remarkable performance, bewildered so much that they did not know which way to turn.

The visitors' superior skill asserted itself early. Taking the kick-off after the Buicks had won the toss and had selected the west goal as theirs, they advanced the ball smoothly and with little trouble to within the very shadows of the locals' upright. The first goal came six minutes after the opening whistle, when Fred Morley headed in a scintillating cross from Campbell, his right wing man, who proved to be the most dangerous unit on the Fall River front wall.

A penalty kick awarded to the Buicks when left fullback Kemp was detected handling the ball, was shot by Tom Harris, 30 minutes later, and gave the Vespers a tie, and the chart read 1 to 1 at half time. Goals came fast and furiously in the second period. Five and one-half minutes after the whistle, Morley registered his second goal of the game. Joe McCarthy tied the score again a minute later.

What proved to be the deciding counter was scored by Johnny Reid, who waited like a hawk outside of a flurry in the front of the Vesper goal, and as soon as the ball rolled out of the crowd of flying feet, he hoofed it against the net. Just before the end Brittan tallied No. 4.

The field was in ideal condition and the weather, except for a chilly north-west wind, could not have been better for this momentous occasion.

Fall River -- Vesper
Kerr -- G -- Lebarge
{...] -- RFB -- Scott
Kemp -- LFB -- Fitzgerald
McPherson -- RHB -- Gockel
Raeside -- CHB -- Burke
McGowan -- LHB -- Oster
Campbell -- OR -- Wimer
Reid -- IR - -Harris
Brittan -- CF -- Corrigan
Morley -- IL -- Becker
McKenna -- OL -- McCarthy
Scoring goals: Fall River, Morley 2, Reid and Brittan; Vespers, Harris (penalty) and McCarthy. Time of halves: 45 minutes. Referee, Edward McCabe, of Philadelphia. Linesmen: A. Shallcross, Chicago and P. J. Kavanaugh, St. Louis.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club