The Globe -- South Bethlehem
April 1, 1917

The St. Louis Soccer League this morning wired Bethlehem that the professional champions of the Middle West had accepted the terms of the eastern clubs and would play the national champions at Bethlehem next Saturday, April 7. They will play in Newark April 8, and in Philadelphia, Easter Monday, April 9. This will be the first visit of the St. Louis team in the east for the past four years. This is the only team that the steel workers have failed to defeat in the last two years. Another interesting feature of these games is the fact that the St. Louis team has been picked to play a series of games in Sweden and Norway this year. The coming games will be played under the auspices of the United States Football Association, with neutral referee and linesmen for each game. H. W. Trend, manager of athletics of the steel company, stated this morning that the steel company team would go into special training right after today's game with the University of Pennsylvania. It is expected that this game between Bethlehem and St. Louis will draw an immense crowd, as soccer fans and critics from all parts of the country will be in Bethlehem next Saturday to witness this contest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club