The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 1, 1918
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Team Becomes Finalist for National Challenge Cup
Saturday's Contest a Big Boost for Local Team
Seen on Local Field this Year which Makes the
Team All More Pronounced -- Was Great Day For Fleming

Coming here from the West with an unbeaten record, the Joliet, Ill., soccer experts went down to defeat on Saturday afternoon on the Bethlehem Steel Athletic Field at the hands of the Steel Workers, before a crowd of about 3000 people. The game was the semi-final of the National Cup and was won by the locals by the score of four goals to none.

Chock full of confidence the Joliet team, comprised of the best players in the West, journeyed to Bethlehem determined to continue their winning stride, having played sixteen games thus far this season of which thirteen games straight were won and three draws. The opposition presented by the Steel Workers was too much for the visitors to overcome and proved clearly that the local aggregation was by far their superior.

By winning Saturday's contest, Bethlehem, who lost the title last year to the Fall River Rovers, may have an opportunity to contest for it again this year providing Fall River team defeats Disston in their semi-final.

Captain Bromley won the toss for the Joliet players and decided to play with the sun and wind behind him. The game began with Ratican kicking off for the Steel Workers and the Bethlehem right wing began to carry the ball down the field. Bromley made a good clearance and some clever play took place around mid-field. The Bethlehem halfback line broke the efforts at combination of the Joliet forward line and placing beautifully to their forwards, the latter were early dangerous, shots going in on Holmes from all angles and after eight minutes of play with the Steel Workers doing most of the attacking a pass from Ratican to Fleming ended in the alter opening the scoring with a fast low drive that was too much for Holmes. Joliet played desperately after this reverse swinging the ball to the outside left to Vadino on every occasion and it was easily seen that their attack was centered around him, but Murray and Fletcher took good care that he did not get an opportunity to get away with any individual runs and the Steel Workers were soon pressing around the visitors' goal. Murphy scored the Steel Workers' second goal by cleverly following up a shot from Easton, that the goaltender failed to clear effectively. Joliet took up the attack after this goal, but the Bethlehem fullbacks were playing a clever game and the invaders never had an opportunity to get a direct shot at the goal although they tried desperately hard and showed some clever football in the open field. Half time found the Steel Workers two goals ahead.

On the restart the Steel Workers had the advantage of the sun and wind and with fast clever passing were soon around the Joliet goal, but the invader's defense gave an excellent account of themselves, returning the ball to midfield on many occasions when it looked like the Steel Workers were breaking through. At this stage of the game some brilliant play was shown at midfield both forward lines making desperate efforts to break away but the opposing halfback lines were in excellent form the Steel Workers finally assumed the upper hand and on a pass from Pepper, Murphy broke away for a beautiful run along the touch line and centering with his usual precision was responsible for the third goal, Fleming driving the ball against the left fullback with such force that it caromed into the net. This goal was apparently the last straw for the Joliet team, and although they played with their accustomed vigor The task seemed harder than ever as the Steel Workers were carrying all before them with the assurance of victory and after some brilliant defensive work on the part of Holmes, Fleming scored the Steel Workers fourth goal from a corner kick, the goaltender being deceived by Tommy's well known curve and the setting sun. After the kickoff Joliet made a raid in Bethlehem territory and Duncan was forced to handle for the first time during the game the Steel Workers returned the attack on Duncan's long clearance and although several corners were forced they proved fruitless and the game ended with the Steel Workers victorious by the score of four goals to nothing.

Bethlehem -- Joliet
Duncan -- goal -- Holmes
Fletcher -- R. F. B. -- Enritta
Ferguson -- L. F. B. -- Bromley
Murray -- R. H. B. -- Mackie
Campbell -- C. H. B. -- Jones
Kirkpatrick -- L. H. B. -- Born
Murphy -- O. R. -- Halsall
Pepper -- I. R. -- Heath
Ratican -- C. F. -- Smith
Easton -- I. L. -- Cartwright
Fleming -- O. L. -- Vadino
Goals: Fleming 3, Murphy 1. Referee: George Caldicott, Wood Haven, L. I. Linesmen: A. M. Addison, Maple Shade, N. J., and John Walders, Philadelphia. Two 45-minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club