The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 2, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

European Soccer Find May Head for Bethlehem
That "the greatest find in European soccer," is likely to sport a uniform of the Bethlehem Steel team next season is intimated in letters received from Alec Jackson, former inside and outside right of the Bethlehem Steel team, who intimates that he and his older brother Walter are considering a journey to this country at the close of the present European soccer season and that will practically occur with the Scotland-England International game to be played on this coming Saturday. The brothers, stars on the Bethlehem team the season previous, would be welcome additions, particularly Alec who in spite of his youth was recognized by American critics as one of the greatest forwards in the game. As for Walter, who was succeeded at center for position by Archie Stark, it is certain that a place would be found on the Bethlehem team but hardly at the position he once held down. Stark has been overworked this season, playing in practically every game since affiliating with the club, and could well stand for a rest occasionally.

Player of International Status
Although the fundamental rudiments of soccer were well established before he came to this country, the speed and rush of the American game put the polish to the Scottish star. Returning home Alec with his brother Walter affiliated with Aberdeen, a first division Scottish Club, and almost immediately became recognized as one of the greatest players in the country. Already he has had the honor of playing in two international matches, the first against Wales and won by Scotland, 2 to 0, and the second against Ireland, won by Scotland, 3 to 0. The International series concludes with the Scotland-England match on this coming Saturday afternoon and the winner will be proclaimed the international champion. While the team has already been selected to represent Scotland, the names have not yet reached this country. However, there is no doubt but Alec Jackson will again be the Scottish outside right. Liverpool, first division club in England, is hot after the services of young Jackson and has offered to play a transfer fee of 5,000 pounds or $25,000. Of this sum the player involved in the transfer receives a substantial sum.

National Championship Series Saturday
The first game in the National professional soccer championship will be played at St. Louis, Mo., this coming Saturday, when the Boston F. C. , winner of the American Soccer League Cup competition journey to the middle west to meet the Ben Millers F. C., qualified as the representative club by winning the title in the St. Louis Soccer League. This will be the first of such a series and one that looms up as the soccer classic of the season. The following week the Ben Millers will journey east to meet Boston on the grounds of the Hubmen and in the event of the teams sharing the victories a third and deciding game will most likely be played on a neutral ground. However, eastern teams in exhibition games against St. Louis clubs have been very fortunate this season and eastern critics look to Boston to capture both games.

Delay Visit of Hubmen
The winners of the American Soccer League cup competition and the probable National champions have yet to make a visit to Bethlehem for an American League game and which with the titles appended to the belts of the Boston Club should prove a most fitting climax to the home playing season. The Steel Workers have two more games to play at home, one on the coming Saturday against the New York Giants and the other against Boston at a date that will be determined by the outcome of the inter-league series. Boston was originally scheduled to meet Bethlehem on the Saturday following the Giants game here this weekend, but their brilliant victory over Fall River in the cup play has forced a rearrangement of the league schedule. However, with the pennant race close, the Hubmen are certain for a trip to the Steel City.

Hard to Conceive But Nevertheless True
The New York Giants come to Bethlehem as the third last club in the league standing, having graced the cellar position practically throughout the season. However, that doesn't mean a thing insofar as the games with the Steel Workers were concerned for of the eleven victories garnered by the Giants two were added at the expense of Bethlehem. The Giants have been a sort of in and out club all season, playing in championship form in some games and then slumping in others. Against Bethlehem the Gotham dribblers were at their best and inspired by the two victories in the only two games played against the local clan this season can again be expected to be in their stride when they visit here on Saturday. While the Steel Workers have lost other games this season the fact that they are not at the head of the league race is attributed to the two unexpected one might say reverses forced to submit to at the hands of the Giants. "Bob" Millar, Davy Brown and the rest of the gang of Giants who tasted the fruits of victory against Bethlehem, will be the visitors on Saturday.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club