The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 2, 1925
New Yorkers Play Both Steel and Fall River Over the Weekend

The struggle for supremacy between the Bethlehem F. C. and Fall River F. C. tied for first place in the American Soccer League race, will be continued this weekend.

While the contending teams are deadlocked in the matter of points, each with 53, Fall River has the edge in that the former National champions have played one game less than Bethlehem. The New York Giants meet the Steel Workers on the steel field on Saturday afternoon and then return home to meet Fall River in the oval on Sunday.

It is needless to say that the Gotham booters have played havoc with the pennant chances of the Bethlehem club this season for the two games taken by the New Yorkers are readily recalled by the host of Bethlehem patrons. Those two games cost Bethlehem exactly four points and the leadership in the league trot. The Giants have been no easy task for Bethlehem especially at crucial times.

Whether the Giants can repeat on Saturday will be seen after the two teams have competed their ninety minutes of hostilities. It is rather unfortunate for Bethlehem that the following day and assuredly after a hard game here on Saturday the New Yorkers will be forced to meet Fall River for this is one of the few of the away from home games yet to be played by the New Englanders. However, the Giants are thoroughly familiar with the band box facilities at the oval and are a hard team to beat at home. This was evidenced when the New Yorkers too over the Fleisher Yarn, a team that was eliminated in the cup competition by Boston by the margin of one goal, by a score of 4 to 0.

There is another element that enters into the New York-Fall River game and one that makes it highly imperative that the Steel Workers field their strongest club and by all means annex the two points possible in Saturday's game. That element is what moral effect the elimination in the cup series by Boston last Saturday will have on the Fall River team. The latter was a high strung and sensitive aggregation after a consistent winning stride and many critics fear that the break in the most important game of the eastern soccer season will have a marked effect on Fall River.

The Bethlehem team is the greatest scoring machine of the league, both in individuals and the total sum. They have tallied a total of 106 points, 14 more than Fall River, but they have permitted 48 to be counted against them whereas the champions have held opponents down to 33 counters.

With again as many goals as his nearest competitor, Archie Stark is the premier toe artist in the circuit. His total to date is 56 goals, leading Harold Brittan, of Fall River, next in order, who has a total of 28 goals. The eleven leading goal scorers are as follows: A. Stark, Bethlehem, 56; H. Brittan, Fall River, 28; A. Stevens, Boston, 27; J. Best, Providence, 24; J. Nelson, Brooklyn, 23; R. Drummond, Coats, 20; A. Stradan, Fleisher, 10; J. Purvis, Fleisher, 17; H. Carlson, Indiana, 17; D. Brown, Giants, 16; T. Abdullah, Providence, 15.

The weekend games:

At Philadelphia -- Fleisher Yarn F. C. vs. New Bedford F. C. Referee, Geo. Young.
At Bethlehem -- Bethlehem Steel F. C. vs. New York Giant. Referee, Jas. Walders.

At Newark -- Newark F. C. vs. New Bedford F. C. Referee, E. McCabe
At .New York -- New York Giants F. C. vs. Fall River F. C. Referee, T. Cunningham.
At Providence -- Providence F. C. vs. J & P Coats F. C. Referee, Geo. Lambie.

Kickoff in all games is 3 p.m. with exception of games at Newark which is to start promptly at 2:30 p.m.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club