The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 2, 1928
Lose to Newark at Philadelphia and to Wanderers in Brooklyn Clash

The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club rolling along successfully to pile up something like eight straight games experienced the most disastrous weekend of the second half season when bowled over by the lowly Newark club in the Saturday game at Philadelphia, 2 to 1, and in the Sunday start dropped the two league points to the Brooklyn Wanderers in New York, 2 to 0.

An unexpected defeat at the hands of Newark registered on the Philadelphia grounds of the Bethlehemites proved quite disastrous in the first half of the season and the setback on Saturday started the Steelmen on the slide which dropped them a peg in the league standing. Instead of topping the clubs Bethlehem is now second with New Bedford in the commanding position.

Newark's Victory

To say that Newark's victory was quite surprising is putting it mildly. The Jerseyites enjoying the cellar position in the league standing annexed their first victory of the second half season at the expense of Bethlehem. Prior to that time Newark had campaigned seven games.

Eight minutes' play saw Jaap advancing down the side lines and centering the ball. In a brisk scrimmage Daley was pulled up for "hands" by Referee Arthur Watson. Jackson promptly toed the sphere into the net before Jimmy Murdock could interfere.

Newark developed a short passing game that kept the Bethlehem backs on the jump, and after twenty minutes of brisk battling Nicol sent a low drive up the field that traveled fully 35 yards and brought Edwards out of goal. A sharp mix-up took place a few yards in front of Bethlehem's goal, the ball rolling free ten yards out and Wardrop sent it into goal.

The respective fullbacks were alert in halting scoring chances. Once in the first half Grosz got his toe on the ball half a foot from goal, following a shot by Rollo. Again Reid stopped Wardrop by conceding a corner. Later Barrie lofted the ball 35 yards to goal, but Murdock made a neat catch and punted out of danger.

After Newark's goal Purgavie, missed scoring a second counter by inches on a long drive. A foul for tripping gave Newark a free kick a yard outside the penalty, which Grosz punted wide. Edwards on goal kicks punted two-thirds the length of the field half a dozen times in this half. Toward the end of the period Jackson collided with Murdock as the latter leaped to intercept a punt by Robertson, and the ball rolled wide of the net. Green replaced Daley, who injured his knee in this half.

Newark was aggressive in the second half. Occasionally Bethlehem rallied, but was unable to add to its scoring account due to the neat tackling and fine defensive play of the visitors.

Gregetsky accounted for the winning goal, rushing in to take advantage of a weak clearance and scored from about 8 yards out.

Bethlehem -- Newark
Edwards -- G -- Murdock
H. Reid -- RFB -- Grosz
Allan -- LFB -- Cairns
W. Barrie -- RHB -- Daley
Carnihan -- CHB -- Moore
Robertson -- LHB -- Nicol
Jaap -- OR -- Hill
Hughes -- IR -- Wardrop
W. Jackson -- CF -- Gregetsky
Rollo -- IL -- McGowan
Goldie -- OL -- Purgavie
Score: Newark 2, Bethlehem 1. Half-time score: Newark 1, Bethlehem 1. Goals: Gregetsky, Jackson (penalty). Referee: Arthur Watson. Linesmen: George Young and John Walder. Substitutions: Green for Daley, Duggan for Hill, Gillespie for Hughes. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Brooklyn Conquers

In a bitterly waged game Brooklyn doing all the scoring in the first half, won the Sunday League tilt, 2 to 0.

In the second half Bethlehem Steel made strenuous efforts to score. While they had most of the play, the Steelmen could not penetrate the strong defense of the home team. Steve Smith, Brooklyn's goalkeeper, made some marvelous stops from Bethlehem forwards. Rollo in particular gave Smith several stinging shots to stop, but in each instance the latter was equal to the occasion.

The opening goal was scored after twenty minutes of play by Billy Adair, who scored off Yule's pass. It was a clever piece of play by the Brooklyn forwards, which led up to this point.

Jisda first passed to Eisenhoffer. Then Eisenhoffer passed to Yule, and the latter whipped the ball across to the opposite side of the field, where Adair took it on a drop and scored with a sharp shot, giving Edwards no chance to save.

The second Brooklyn goal was the result of a penalty given against H. Reid, Bethlehem's right fullback, when he handled the ball trying to intercept a pass by Graham to Yule. Jisda took the spot kick and, while Edwards saved, he could not hold on to the ball and Jisda ran in and breasted it into the net.

Upon resuming after the interval Bethlehem assumed offensive and Gillespie tested Smith with a shot which the Brooklyn goalie very cleverly saved. Bethlehem was using all of its tricks to score. Rollo made a splendid effort with a low stinging shot which Smith stopped.

A foul was call against Jisda, which gave Bethlehem a chance to get within scoring distance, but Marshall averted danger, taking the ball to midfield.

Bethlehem continued to press the Brooklyn defense. On another corner Goldie once more sent the ball past, losing the opportunity to score. A few minutes later Archie Stark came very near scoring for Bethlehem when a shot from his famous right foot just grazed the upright.

The Steelmen continued to hold the balance of play and before the final whistle obtained their eighth corner kick when Fryer sent the ball past his own goal. The corner kick availed nothing, and Bethlehem went down to defeat for the second time in two days, losing its hold on the leadership in the league.

Brooklyn -- Bethlehem
Smith -- G -- Edwards
Marshall -- RFB -- H. Reid
Fryer -- LFB -- McMeekin
Robertson -- RHB -- W. Reid
Brown -- CHB -- Carnihan
Morris -- LHB -- MacGregor
Adair -- OR -- Gillespie
Jisda -- IR -- W. Jackson
Graham -- CF -- Stark
Eisenhoffer -- IL -- Rollo
Yule -- OL -- Goldie
Referee: T. Cunningham. Linesmen: J. Hayes and C. Stott. Goals: Adair, Jisda. Brooklyn Wanders. Substitutions: Lyell for Eisenhoffer, Jaap for Jackson. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club