The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, April 3, 1919
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Fall River Scene of Soccer Clash
The Bethlehem Steel Workers and the Paterson Field Club will battle in the final for the National Cup competition at Fall River, Mass., on April 19. After both teams qualified for the final the question arose as to the grounds on which the conflict would be staged. Both Manager Sheridan of the Steel Workers, and Manager Vandeweigh, of the Paterson aggregation, called for a neutral grounds and so notified the Challenge Cup Competition committee of the United States Football Association of this fact. Secretary Cahill called a meeting of the committee and voted awarding the 1918-19 final to the athletic field at Fall River, to be staged on the above date, "Lexington Day." The kick-off has been scheduled for 3:15. As yet no referee has been chosen but from all indications it will be either James Walders, of Philadelphia, or Thomas Cunningham, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Since the later officiated in one of the semi-final matches, the assignments looks favorable for Walders, who is considered the peer of referees in this section of the country. In warding the contest to the New England States, the game will be played in the midst of a soccer hot-bed and a record attendance is almost certain. The Steel Workers have campaigned extensively on the grounds and find little fault with its outlay. The champions are also strong favorites in that section and of the enthusiasts that will witness the contest, the Bethlehem contingent is certain to have a fair quota of the rooters with them.

Kirkpatrick to Face Former Teammates
"Willie" Kirkpatrick, who during his sojourn in Bethlehem, filled an important berth in the champions' backfield, will be among the Shipbuilders when they come to Bethlehem Steel Athletic Field on Saturday afternoon to try conclusions with Manager Sheridan's aggregation. "Willie" left Bethlehem "peeved" because he was not included in a squad to go away to play a game. This action was taken after he refused to report during the previous week for practice according to Manager Sheridan. Now "Willie" will get the chance he has been waiting for since he abandoned the champions, the chance to face his former teammates and those doubting can put it down as straight goods that the former cog in the Bethlehem backfield will cut loose to avenge his little personal grievance. Kirkpatrick was one of the most popular players on the team and many local fans regretted his going, although his conduct fully justified the action of the Steel Workers' management. The inclusion of Kirkpatrick performing the role of a shipbuilder should be a great advantage to the selected crowd. During the stay with the champions, Willie was on the "inside" of the scientific and combination play of the champions and will no doubt distribute this knowledge among the players on the picked team. This experience should benefit them greatly in presenting a defense to check the Bethlehem contingent.

Shipbuilders, Champs' Next Victim (?)
Having successfully vanquished the soccer experts from the West, the Steel Workers next go will be on Saturday afternoon when they clash with the pick of the Delaware Shipyard League. The Shipbuilders have been angling for a return game for some time, confident that they can check the winning streak of the Bethlehemites but critics who saw the champions in action in the game on Saturday will not agree with the predictions of the Shipbuilders. The Bethlehem team demonstrated that they are capable of bowling over any organization in the country and if their combination work is anywhere nearly as effective as against the Chicago F. C. the visitors are due for a great surprise. All of the players came out of the clash on Saturday in good condition and it is more than likely that the same line-up will appear against the Delaware river crowd. As an added attraction, the North Ends and Cross Roads teams, of the Blue Mountain League, will start the afternoon entertainment. These teams are scheduled to battle for the Wilbur cup, the North Ends having already annexed on of the trophies this season by defeating the Cross Roads for the Lewis Cup.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club