The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, April 3, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Yield in Protest; Will Come East
Any doubt relative to the invasion of the Ben Millers of St. Louis at Brooklyn next Sunday afternoon for the grand final of the U. S. F. A. cup competition in which, of course, Bethlehem Steel will bet he other principal, was dispelled with word received by the Bethlehem management to the effect that the sweetest harmony prevails and that the St. Louis officials have yielded to the dictates of the cup executives. All of which scatters the cloud of doubt that hung over the blue ribbon classic. St. Louis didn't have an argument worthy of consideration and apparently was convinced of this fact after the cup play of the last two or three season was referred to. Fans were somewhat skeptical. Now everything is lovely and all that is hoped for is good weather and field conditions.

No Excursion to the Metropolis
Scouting for placards, posters and newspaper advertising, usually resorted to in announcing a special rate excursion to the Metropolis, is found no such privilege for the soccer fans who are contemplating journeying to Brooklyn next Sunday to root for the Steelmen. Much to their regret, no doubt, for the exodus of loyals will probably be bigger than it ever has been before. After waiting several years for this opportunity they do not feel inclined to let it slip by, for one can never fell how long it will be before the Steelmen are again listed to perform as one of the actors in the biggest soccer classic of the year. However, there is a means by which there is some relief from the regular tariff to New York, and fans can take advantage of this if they rally to the cause. The railroad moguls call it a combination rate if a sufficient number of patrons are guaranteed. Jimmy Easton, field manager of the Bethlehem Steel Club, will be busy all next week at the office of the players, registering the fans who will make the trip. Those going to New York will find it worth their while to get in touch with Manager Easton in person or by phone.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club