The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 4, 1927
Jersey Booters No Match For Speedy Champions in Saturday's Game.

Bethlehem Steel soccer team rode triumphantly into the Eastern semi-final of the National Cup on Sunday afternoon by defeating the Trenton F. C., at the latter's field before a crowed of more than two thousand fans, by the one-sided score of 6 goals to none. The weather and conditions were all favorable to a fast display of the arts of soccer and the ground conditions were of such character that would do credit to many of the major league clubs.

By reason of injuries and sickness Bethlehem was forced to make many changes in its lineup, Eadie displacing Allan at left full back and the half back line being shifted by reason of Carnihan's illness, who was replaced by McGregor, and the latter's position assigned to Reid. T he forward line, by reason of Stark's arm injury, was changed, so that Granger resumed his old position at inside right and Rollo was at inside left.

While the Steelworkers entered the game as favorites, the usual cup tie atmosphere left many minds in a state of quandary, for soccer fans have been most forcibly reminded within the past few weeks of the uncertainties arising in these games. The game had not been progressing very long when the Bethlehem machine started to assert its supremacy, but the score sheet remained a blank until well along in the first half.

Trenton's defense held out well, and its goalkeeper was cool, calculating and safe. Finally a shot that was saved was finally forced through on a header from Jaap, whose ability to climb to great heights in spite of his small stature is unusual. Shortly thereafter Gillespie eluded the defense, and found himself with only the goalkeeper to beat, but was surprised when he found that his final attempt did not succeed better than placing the ball in the goalkeeper's hands. In spite of several opportunities, Bethlehem failed to increase its score during the first half. Trenton made occasional raids, but only upon one occasion did they look like scoring.. On a breakaway, McCusker, the center forward, drove sharply from a distance of twenty yards but Edwards was forced to grant a corner in his effort to save.

The second half had not long been under way before it was apparent that Trenton had spent its efforts in the first half, for the Steelworkers controlled the situation better than during the initial period. Goals fell in rapid succession, Goldie negotiating the first with a beautifully placed ball which he received on a direct pass from McGregor. Gillespie followed with three in a row, accomplishing what is commonly known as the "hat trick." Rollo finished the afternoon's work with probably the best shot of the afternoon.

Trenton -- Bethlehem
Gourley -- G -- Edwards
Mulholland -- RFB -- Barrie
Smith -- LFB -- Eadie
Dickson -- RHB -- McDonald
Robinson -- CHB -- McGregor
McCabe -- LHB -- Reid
Dudbridge -- OR -- Jaap
Lindsay -- IR -- Granger
McCusker -- CF -- Gillespie
Glansey -- IL -- Rollo
McNaughton -- OL -- Goldie
Referee: Dan Oates, Philadelphia. Linesmen: Conn and Gray, Trenton, N. J. Time of halves, 45 minutes. Goals scored: Jaap, Goldie, Gillespie 3, Rollo.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club