The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 4, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Steelmen Enter Semi-Final Round
Preliminaries concluded, the blue ribbon soccer classic of the United States is now entered the final rounds and in the East attention is centering on Fall River and Bethlehem. Bethlehem entered into the semi-final round by defeating Philadelphia and Trenton, but is still confronted with a serious obstacle before given the opportunity to fight in the final round. The way things size up, Bethlehem must meet Newark, the latter a conqueror of Bethlehem in the American Cup competition, and a club that looms up as a serious contender. Since the victory over Bethlehem, the Jerseymen further displayed their merit when they disposed of Brooklyn and then Indiana Flooring in the first two rounds of the National competition. Significant in the last two victories of Newark is that the Jerseymen earned their brackets in both games played on the enemy's field. More than likely, the Bethlehem-Newark semi-final will be played in Brooklyn next weekend. In the New England district, Fall River, Providence and a club from Worcester, Mass., have still to play. Unless the latter club scratches, a week will intervene after Bethlehem's semi-final round before the Eastern final. This was brought about by a tie game which necessitated a replay. In the New England district, Fall River is favored to come through.

The Cast-Off Menace
A tail-end team in the American Soccer race, the Newark club, created quite some havoc to the aspirations of several of the reputed stronger clubs in their cup aspirations. First knocking Bethlehem out of the American Soccer League cup competition, the Jerseymen threw Nat Agar's troupe of foreign celebrities for the count in the first round of the National cup competition. Following up this victory, the strong Indiana Flooring, of New York, conqueror of the Giants in the first round , was likewise eliminated. It is interesting to note that the lineup of the team for the cup competitions include quite a few cast-offs. Other clubs when battling with their backs to the wall disposed of certain players with frenzied haste to bolster their garrison with new talent. This cast-off talent, however, seems to have been molded into the right combination for the work of the Jerseyites in the last three games indicates that the sudden reversal of form was no flash for any one particular game but that the team has played consistently good since the revamped and reinforced lineup. The Steelmen must beware on their next invasion against the Jersey outfit.

Boston Captures Lewis Trophy
Competition in the American League Cup competition closed shop this weekend when Boston by compiling the highest total aggregate of goals in the two games played with Brooklyn was proclaimed champion. At Boston on Saturday afternoon the Hubmen were victorious by the score of 2 to 0. At Brooklyn on Sunday Boston again shut out Brooklyn, 3 to 0. The total of goals gave the Hubmen 5 against none. Three years ago the American Cup competition for the Lewis trophy was inaugurated. Boston twice annexed the championship, while last year New Bedford ascended to the title throne.

Drastic Soccer Upsets this Season
So frequent have been the drastic upsets in big league soccer this season that fans are going dizzy trying to keep tabs on the many unexpected reverses. Local fans have not forgotten Indiana Flooring's invasion of Bethlehem early in the season; Philadelphia's victories over Fall River in league competition; Boston's elimination in the National cup at the hands of Fore River; the fall of Brooklyn in the first round of the same competition, knocked out by Newark, and last but not least, Newark's triumph over Bethlehem in the American cup. There are many more that might probably be included. This unexpected reversal of form displayed by the recognized inferior clubs is an excellent stimulant in keeping up the interest.

A Bit More About the Hakoahs
In a little more than two weeks the touring Hakoah soccer eleven will inaugurate its second tour in America, with the opening game in Bethlehem. Philadelphia gets the next game and on April 25 the Jewish booters will be seen in action on the Polo Grounds in New York. The soccer revenue is the sole support of the Hakoahs. In American colleges it is football invariably supports all other athletic activities. But in Vienna, soccer foots the bill. The Hakoah Sport Club, an all-Jewish organization, which promotes eleven branches of work in addition to art, literature and other philanthropic branches, depends solely on soccer for financial support. There is no revenue in swimming or in other activities having for their purpose the physical betterment of the European Jew. Wherefore, Hakoah is making its second tour of the United States to amass funds to keep up its work. This explains the purpose of Hakoah -- a word which means "strength."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club