The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Thursday, April 5, 1917

J. W. Walders of Philadelphia who has been selected to handle the Bethlehem vs. St. Louis championship game on Saturday, is considered one of the most efficient referees in the east today. He will be assisted by two neutral referees, as linesmen, J. H. Carpenter and H. A. Williams. These arrangements were decided on by the local management yesterday. However, should the St. Louis management insist on using one of their town officials for the line, it will be allowed to do so.

Ferguson, who was slightly injured in last Saturday's game, is all right again and yesterday joined the training squad.

The steel workers are being put through a strenuous training and have been coached to overcome the whirlwind and aggressive tactics of the western eleven.

The champions from Missouri are expected to arrive in town sometime tomorrow and the local management has place the use of the new Athletic Field at their disposal for a light workout.

Soccer centers from all over the states are interested in the outcome of this battle, and it is realized that should the westerners defeat the steel workers they will be justified in calling themselves the champions of the United States.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club