The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 5, 1918

The eastern semi-final of the United States Football Association will be played a Fall River on Saturday, April 13, between West Hudson and Fall River Rovers. The winner will meet Bethlehem Steel in the final.

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team will parade in a body in the Liberty Bond parade tomorrow.

The American Football Association will meet on Saturday evening in Newark, N. J., for the draw of the semifinal of the A. F. A. cup if the Steel Workers are fortunate in the draw we will have another semifinal game here in the near future. The tams in the semifinal are Disston of Philadelphia, Babcock & Wilcox of Bayonne, Fall River Rover of Fall River, Mass., and Bethlehem Steel.

Harry Ratican, who played last Saturday against Joliet F. C. with a severe leg injury has fully recovered and is sure to hustle the Scots defense on Sunday.

Of the 45,000 soccer players registered in this country last year, 18,000 of them have joined the colors. Over one thousand clubs have found it necessary to disband.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club