The Globe – South Bethlehem
Tuesday, April 6, 1915
Qualifies for National Challenge Cup Soccer Competition – 3000 See Game

The Bethlehems soccer team on Taylor field, Lehigh University, yesterday afternoon, defeated the Homestead steel works team of Pittsburgh, by a score of four goals to one, in a National Cup semi-final game. The game was witnessed by more than 3000 persons, the weather and field conditions being ideal. The visitors were outclassed in ever department of the game by the Bethlehemites, never having an opportunity to score after their first tally.

The Bethlehems team displayed wonderful team work, and with the exception of the first ten minutes of the game, the Homestead team was kept continually on the defense. Ford the plucky little outside left of the Bethlehems team was the start of the contest, scoring three of Bethlehems’ goals.

The Homesteaders were the first to score, when in the first eight minutes of play, Crawley, booted the ball in the net in a sensational play. Several minutes later, Fleming on penalty kick, for unnecessary roughness, evened up the tally. It was at this stage of the game that the Bethlehems eleven began to display its superior team work, and Ford on a beautiful assist by Fleming scored his first tally. The end of the half soon followed with the score of 3-1.

On the restart both teams were strong and fast, the Bethlehems players missing many attempts to score, by beautiful blocks by Brown, the goalkeeper of the Homestead eleven, who played a sterling game, saving many goals throughout the contest. After twenty minutes of playing without a score, Ford, on a cross buck, scored again. Ten minutes later he again tallied for his team, assisted by Fleming. Brown, Crawley and Leith played well for the visitors while Fleming, Ford, Millar and Morrison starred for Bethlehems. The defeat eliminates the western team from the final National Cup game, while the Bethlehems team will have to play the winner of the semi-final game in New Bedford, Mass., on April 11, between the Pawtucket and Brooklyn Celtic teams, for the National championship. The Celtic team was the only team to defeat the local team this season, and the Bethlehems team is hopeful of meeting them in the final. The final game must be played on neutral grounds, at a time and place to be selected by the National Cup commission. Strong efforts will be made to stage this championship game on Taylor field. The line-up:

Homestead – Bethlehems
Brown – G -- Duncan
Henley – R. F. B. -- Fletcher
Howe – L. F. B. -- Toole
Morrison – R. H. B. -- Campbell
Lumsden – C. H. B. -- Clarke
Leith – L. H. B. – Morrison
Crawley – O. R. -- Ford
Young – I. R. -- Murray
Rattray – C. F. B. – Millar
Lowther – I.L. -- Pepper
Patterson – O. L. -- Fleming
Goals: Crawley, Ford, 3; Fleming, (from a penalty kick.) Referee – Charles E. Creighton, New York. Linesmen: James Walder and William Hinds, Philadelphia. Time of halves – 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club