The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 6, 1925
New York Soccer Team Given a Very Bad Bump Here Over Weekend

Any question as to superiority between the two soccer teams was dispelled on Saturday afternoon when the Bethlehem Steel F. C., defeated the New York Giants by the decisive score of 3 to 0. While the Giants displayed a willingness and played spirited football, apparently inspired in their efforts by two previous successes over the Steel Workers, they were outclassed in every department, and after Bethlehem annexed the first goal, the outcome was never again in doubt.

On two previous occasions this season these two teams met and on both occasions the Giants were victorious by the margin of one goal. As a result the team faced by the Gotham invaders on Saturday afternoon was one inspired with a determination to avenge those previous setbacks which had a marked bearing on the league race and did just that in a most impressive style.

Bremer, Brown and Moorehouse tried in vain to penetrate the Bethlehem defense and while at times the Giants initiated forward movements, they seldom advanced beyond the Bethlehem backs. What opportunities to score were presented were such usually from far range and with seemingly chance shots which were ably taken care of by Carson, the Bethlehem goalie. It is doubtful if the latter was called upon to handle a half dozen times in the entire game.

On the other hand, Scott, a fullback playing in goal in the absence of Guedert, the regular Gotham goalie, was a very busy individual. He made several nice saves, but was unable to stand up under the terrific attack of the Steel workers. When Bethlehem notched a tally, it was placed well out of the reach of the New York custodian and with the latter having no chance whatever to save.

Any doubt as to the outcome was quickly dispelled when within five minutes after the start of the game the Blue and White of Bethlehem forged into the lead. On a forward movement, in which Goldie swung the ball across to Granger, the latter passed back and then on the speedy outside's left perfect cross, Granger leaped in the air and headed into the far corner of the net.

The Giants pressed hard and furious for quite a time, but were unable to advance anywhere near scoring distance, when Bethlehem again took initiative and so severe became the pressure that the visitors were forced to concede their second corner. Turner took the kick and placed beautifully. A brief scrimmage in front of the goal terminated when Stark crashed the ball into the net and Bethlehem was leading by two goals.

Bethlehem continued to press and were that much better that the halfbacks were taking shots at the goal and a perfect drive from MacGregor was well handled. An instant later Stark shot by and then the Giants had a breakaway, which ended, when Carson easily handled on a long drive from Moorehouse.

The visitors' attack was short-lived and in a short time they were forced to devote their energies to defense tactics. Stark placed perfectly to Turner close to goal and the latter, to make doubly sure of converting side kicked, but the ball skipped off his boot and went sailing by. Continuing the pressure, Scott faced a veritable barrage of shots, on in particular which he saved from Goldie, and which was directed with such speed that the goalie was nearly carried into the net. These opportunities missed, Stark made no mistake when late in the session, MacGregor slipped the ball up center and Stark, far out, took Scott by surprise when he whipped around and in the same instant drove hard and placed the ball well out of the reach of the Gotham custodian. Just before the half ended, with Bethlehem leading, 3 to 0, the New Yorkers, in a dying effort initiated a forward movement on which Carnihan, in clearing, was forced to concede a corner.

Hardly five minutes of the second half had elapsed when Turner, getting the ball on a throw-in from MacGregor, dribbled toward goal and never stopped until he had landed the ball into the net. While Bethlehem monopolized in the play, scoring was not s frequent as in the opening session. The Steel Workers seemed content to trick their fellow rivals and as a result some brilliant and clever soccer was witnessed. And the spectators seemed to enjoy this style of playing as much as t hat in which goals were converted. Stark scored his third goal of the game in the closing minutes of the game when again he took a pass from MacGregor and with a rifle shot placed well out of the reach of Scott. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- N. Y. Giants
Carson -- G -- Scott
J. Young -- RFB -- Kelly
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Meyers
McDonald -- RHB -- Parks
Carnihan -- CHB -- Phelps
MacGregor -- LHB -- McKenny
Turner -- OR -- Kelly
Granger -- IR -- Bremmer
Stark -- CF -- Hyland
Rollo -- IL -- Brown
Goldie -- OL -- Moorehouse
Goals: Stark, 3; Turner, 1. Granger 1. Referee, James Walders, Philadelphia. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club