The Globe South Bethlehem
Monday, April 7, 1913
Bethlehem, 2; Boys' Club, 0

The Bethlehem soccer football team shot a bolt into the camp of the Boys' Club, American League champions, Saturday at Philadelphia, by shutting them out by the score of 2-0 in a fiercely contested game. This was the second of a series of three games. The Boys' Club defeated Bethlehem two weeks ago at Bethlehem, by the score of 2-1, the Steel Workers being handicapped by the injuries of its best players. With practically the full strength on the field again, the champion Bethlehem team, completely outclassed its opponents in every position on the field. Gallagher, the crack forward of the Hibernian team, the champion of the Pennsylvania League, played center forward in the game. Manager Carpenter strongly objected to this player as not being eligible to take part in the series. After some discussion he was allowed to play. The game was more on the order of a cup tie and at times was very rough. Burgen of the Boys' Club was cautioned three times in the first twenty minutes for foul tactics. It was at this stage of the game that Fleming opened the score for Bethlehem, receiving a neat pass from Leonard, he outclassed the defense in masterly style and making no mistake scored a beautiful goal. Fleming had possession of the ball and was making headway for goal and looked certain to score the second goal for the Steel Workers when Gilmore came across to assist Heinbecker. In the melee both Gilmore and Fleming went down and out each having to be carried off the field. Fleming received sever injuries to the knee. Gilmore had received a fracture of a leg and was taken to the Episcopal Hospital after receiving first aid from Mr. Lynn of the Bethlehem Steel Works. The second half was fought out bitterly, the Boys' Club having a strong wind to help them, but Garvey and Peacock were masters of the situation and playing a clean game easily held them off. Love, the local custodian having very little to do. The Boys' Club was playing a great game but was completely outclassed. The Bethlehem team played great football. The exciting game ended with the score Bethlehem, 2; Boys' Club, 0. This game brought Bethlehem's goal scoring record up to one hundred goals against sixteen for the present season, a goal record to be proud of.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club