The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 7, 1919
Delaware Shipyard League's Best New Combination Loses Out by Score of 2 to 0.

The pick of the Delaware Shipyard Soccer League journeyed to Bethlehem on Saturday determined to avenge a defeat suffered earlier in the season at the hands of the Bethlehem Steel team, but at the end of the ninety minutes of play were as far from accomplishing their purpose as when they boarded a train in the Quaker City for Bethlehem. The champions came through with a 2 to 0 victory, but to accomplish this feat were extended to their utmost. The shipbuilders were by no means an easy aggregation to combat and at the final whistle the local players were well aware of the fact that they had been in a game. The failure of "Billy" Kirkpatrick to appear in the visitors' line-up somewhat disappointed the fans, who wanted to see him matched against Millar and Fleming. According to reports "Willie" was injured in a previous game and had not recovered sufficiently to accompany the team.

The All-Stars gave one of the best exhibitions seen on the Bethlehem field this season and Duncan was give more work than is usual. His coolness and the efficiency with which he handled all shots was a great stimulus to the other members of the team. Nolan, a center forward for the visitors, was always dangerous, but Howley and Hubbard at fullbacks were easily the best players on the team.

The All-Stars won the toss and Ratican kicked off for Bethlehem and the champions were the first to attack, but Howley drove them back and Duncan was called upon to handle from Ness. The goal keeper cleared easily, but the Stars continued to attack and once more Duncan had to clear from Ness. Bethlehem now took up the attack, but their finishing efforts were poor and play moved fast up and down the field without either goal being in danger. The visitors forced two corners, but nothing came of them, and the Bethlehem right wing carried the ball down the field with a nice passing movement. Ratican was too late to connect with McKelvey's cross, and Howley's long clearance gave the shipyard forwards an opportunity to test Duncan. The latter was forced to concede a corner,, Pooley's effort at placement was poor, the ball going behind. Bethlehem now attacked vigorously and on a nice piece of combination, Brown to Ratican to Forrest, the latter opened the scoring with a beautiful shot from the eighteen yard line that had Walen beaten all the way. This success seemed to make the Steel Workers feel that further strenuous efforts were unnecessary with the result that the All-Stars had the better of the closing minutes of the first half, but they were unable to penetrate the defense.

On the restart, Bethlehem attacked immediately but McKelvey missed the upright with a fast drive. Once more the Steel Workers attacked and Ratican missed a beautiful opportunity to score on a cross from Fleming. The visitors' right wing was given an opportunity to make headway through clever work by the halfbacks and Duncan was tested twice in quick succession, but he cleared easily and Bethlehem again attacked and Millar forced a corner. Fleming placed the ball close in, but Whelan fisted out of danger. The Steel Workers continued to attack and shots by Millar and Forrest were well handled by Whelan. Clever work by the Bethlehem left wing ended in Fleming sending over a beautiful center, Ratican heading past. The visitors now made a determined effort to tie the score and the Bethlehem defense was given a severe test. The forwards kept the ball swinging from wing to wing and Nolan was always on the spot to hustle the fullbacks and Duncan was forced to leave his goal on several occasions to make clearances. Play now centered around midfield with both halfback lines holding the opposing forwards in excelling style. After thirty minutes play, Campbell placed nicely to Millar, who tricked two opponents and centered beautifully to Ratican and the latter made the score two to nothing.

Delaware -- Bethlehem
Whelan -- G -- Duncan
Howley -- R. F. B. -- Fletcher
Hubbard -- L. F. B. -- Wilson
Rodgers -- R. H. B. -- Pepper
Napier -- C. H. B. -- Campbell
Fullerton -- L. H. B. -- Brown
Pooley -- O. R. -- McKelvey
Owens -- I. R. -- Forrest
Nolan -- C. F. -- Ratican
Ness -- I. L. -- Millar
Leigh -- O. L. -- Fleming
Goals -- Forrest, Ratican. Referee -- Carpenter. Linesmen -- Morrison and Robertson. Two 45-minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club