The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 7, 1924
Bethlehem Players Clean Up in Clashes with Star Aggregations in St. Louis

Displaying a brand of football far more clever and effective than that witnessed in the West, the Bethlehem Steel soccer team was successful in winning the first two of the three games to be played during its stay in St. Louis. Saturday's game was won by the score of 3 goals to 2, while yesterday Bethlehem took another All-Star aggregation into camp by the score of 2 goals to 1. The trip winds up this afternoon with a game at Gillespie, a small mining town near St. Louis.

The usual custom of the St. Louis Soccer League officials in arranging for an Eastern invasion was to pit the winners against the winning club in the St. Louis Soccer League. Vesper Buicks was that club t his season and also Western finalist in the National Cup competition, but when eliminated by Fall River it was decided that a stronger aggregation was needed to oppose the Bethlehems.

As a result the strongest opposition available was decided upon and the cream of the talent in the district was selected to oppose the Steel Workers. While details of the game received were meager, it is understood that several of the Vesper Buick players appeared in the lineup in the first game. Both clubs Bethlehem opposed were known as All-St. Louis teams. After being defeated on Saturday the St. Louis management presented a lineup with quite a number of new players, believing that these changes would be more effective in combating the Bethlehem style of play. However, the results, according to the scores received in Bethlehem were the same.

Advices from St. Louis on the Saturday game indicate that the Bethlehem team far out-classed its rivals, and that at times the Steel Workers completely dazed their opponents with their clever passing game. St. Louis was first to score, but that early success spurred the Bethlehem eleven on to greater determination and in a short time the count was equalized and then the visitors forged to the front by scoring twice again in succession. "Sturdy" Maxwell grasped the first opportunity to slip the ball into the net, counting on a beautifully placed corner by Goldie, and completely beat the goalie. Each of the other goals were scored by Alec Jackson. St. Louis' second tally came in the closing minute of play when one was shot past Highfield which might have been saved.

Facing practically an entire new All-St. Louis crowd for the Sunday game, the Bethlehems again impressed with their clever work and the run of the game was virtually a repetition of that played the day previous. The final score was 2 goals to 1, with Bethlehem on the long end. "Sturdy" Maxwell, whose goal-shooting was somewhat off color in the last several games played in the East, seemed to have regained his accurate aim, for again it was the former Third Lanark player who counted Bethlehem's opening tally. The other score came from the boot of Walter Jackson.

Today the team is opposing the Gillespie eleven, one of the best of the soccer clubs in that district. Judging by the success in the games against the picked talent of the St. Louis district, Bethlehem should turn in another victory before starting homeward. The team is scheduled to return to Bethlehem on Wednesday morning.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club