The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 7, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Dyed-in-the-Wool Fans
The fact that the Bethlehem Steel Soccer team has adopted Philadelphia as the home grounds for the remainder of the league schedule has not in the least dampened the ardor of the dyed-in-the-wool fans. This was convincingly impressed on the writer on a trip out to the Steelmen's training quarters where a number of fans were gathered and plans were made for the invasion to Philadelphia to see the first game in the final round of the Lewis cup competition against Boston today. It's tough on those fans who strived valiantly to keep the club in Bethlehem and now must journey to Philadelphia to see the team in action.

The Trenton Proposition
Trenton, it is understood, is willing to share and share alike with Philadelphia in booming the Steelmen as a home club. No definite action has been taken by the management of the Steelmen relative to a home grounds for next season but it's a cinch that if Philadelphia pays the freight to put the club on a self-maintaining basis the club will stay in Philadelphia and perhaps play under the name of the Philadelphia F. C. Trenton wants a club and wants one badly and in hopes of securing the Steelmen presents a proposition that seems quite acceptable. The Trenton enthusiasts suggest that when the schedule is arranged for next season, the Steelmen book a number of Sunday home games and play these in Trenton where Sunday games are permissible. Bethlehem will experiment with the possibilities of this proposition on Sunday afternoon when after the cup games in Philadelphia the Steelmen and Boston will journey to Trenton for an exhibition game.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club