The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Saturday, April 8, 1916

Bethlehem concluded special training yesterday in preparation for its big game with the Jersey City eleven, Sunday, April 9. All the members are in splendid condition with the exception of Butler who received a nasty kick on the ankle last Sunday and which has been giving him much pain this week. It is doubtful whether he will be able to play on Sunday, and if this should be the case, then the Bethlehem forward line will have to be re-arranged with either McKelvey or Graham being used. It is expected that a large delegation of local fans will witness this game at Newark on Sunday.

Great interest is being shown in Chicago over the coming visit of the Bethlehem Steel company team, national champion, which will play in that city April 16. Secretary Trend of the local team yesterday received seven letters and telegrams from different Chicago papers requesting him to forward them immediately photographs and records of the Bethlehem Steel team.

James Ford, last season's outside right for Bethlehem is playing in that position for the Jersey City team, and will need a lot of watching on Sunday as he is fast and a dangerous man, and this season has been putting up a remarkable game.

Waldron, the Jersey City captain, who plays center half for that team, is a very aggressive player. His method of playing is expected to hold in check the Bethlehem attack.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club