The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 8, 1926
500 or More to See Big Soccer Classic Between Bethlehem and Ben Millers

Bethlehem soccer fans will be well represented at the game in Brooklyn next Sunday, when the Bethlehem Steel F. C., squares off against the Ben Millers of St. Louis, in the big final of the National Challenge Cup competition.

Soccer fans are forming parties to journey to Brooklyn by bus and more than one of these convenient vehicles will be chartered. Others are banding together to benefit by an excursion rate on the railroad and all in all indications are that five hundred, if not more, local enthusiasts will be on hand to root for the eastern representatives.

Amateur Teams To Go

The North Ends and Wanderers had originally arranged a meeting for city supremacy on this date but the game was afterward set back when the players of both teams signified a desire to witness the grand finale. These two teams are expected to be at the game intact, together with a large number of their supporters.

It has been several years since Bethlehem had the opportunity of annexing the National championship and more significance is probably attached this year to the contest than ever before. Since the days when the Steelmen made it a habit to win titles, interest has seemed to wane, but with the present day competition it is realized that the game will produce a battle worth seeing.

With its entire foreign lineup, the Bethlehem has earned the reputation of being the finest eleven in this country in the style of game that flourishes abroad. So on Sunday when the grand finale in the National Challenge Cup competition is played at Ebbett's Field, the style that is held in such high esteem abroad will be tested out as Bethlehem is called upon to face the fast, young Ben Miller F. C. of St. Louis, foremost exponents of the so-called American style.

The system of play used by Bethlehem is the "carpet" or "pattern-weaving" style which calls for skill, accuracy and superior technique.

"Age" Against Youth

Bethlehem is a much older team than the western eleven, but it comprises men full of experience and sill in their scheme of play. The trio of forwards largely responsible for the combination at which the Pennsylvanians excel are Archie Stark who is staled the Babe Ruth of soccer at center forward, Malcolm Goldie on the outside left wing and Johnnie Jaap on the extreme right wing. When this wonderful group, supported by halfbacks Carnihan, McGregor and the sterling McDonald get swinging into an attacked aided by the inside wing men, it takes the highest type of dash and speed of the American method to stop them. There will be the crux of the game.

In the present cup competition's earlier rounds, through which the Steelmen came without defeat, their power was amply demonstrated. Not one of these games was played on a Bethlehem pitch and the hostile out-of-town spirit prevailing amidst the crowds had to be discounted.

The Ben Millers had no such difficult task, as they played only one of their cup contests abroad.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club