The Globe - South Bethlehem
Thursday, April 9, 1914 - page 11
Bethlehem, 8; Reading, 1.

Bethlehems literally swam to victory yesterday in an Allied League first division contest with Reading. The score was 8-1. This victory with that of Saturday has heartened Bethlehems to consider itself the most probable of all the aspirants for the championship.

Rain came down in torrents during the entire game. Bethlehem took advantage of the day to try out several new men. Harrision, Murray, and Black all doing well. Reading was kept on the defense during the entire game. Only three times in the first half did Reading have a chance to score.

Reading's lone goal was made by Fleming, Bethlehem, who played up the field in the second period, banged the ball into the net during a scrimmage.


Reading - Bethlehem
Carter - goal -- Scaife
Hubbard -- R.F.B. -- Stewart
Taylor -- L.F.B. -- Peacock
Whirl -- R.H.B. -- Black
Beach -- L.H.B. -- Morrison
Beven -- C.H.B. -- Lawler
Cooteer -- O.R. -- Leonard
Monk -- I.R. -- Harrison
Noon -- C.F. -- Murray
Miller -- I.L. -- Donaghy
Spice -- O.L. -- Fleming
Goals, Murray, 4, Fleming 2, Leonard, Harrison. Substitutes, Fleming for Reading. Referee, J. W. Alder, Philadelphia. Linesmen, Lewis and Williams. Two forty-minutes halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club