The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, April 9, 1917
Score 2 to 0 - Goalkeeper Lost First Goal in Sun, Second Scored From Penalty

On Saturday on the new athletic field in Bethlehem the Bethlehem Steel avenged their defeat in soccer at St. Louis last Christmas Day by shutting out the Ben Miller F. C. of the latter city, 2 goals to 0. During the holidays Bethlehem tied with the Ben Miller's professional champions of the West for the past two seasons at 2 goals score and lost to the All-Stars of St. Louis, 3to 1, in an exhibition game. Today's score does not indicate how Bethlehem outclassed the visitors in all stages of the game, particularly in passing. Sensational plays by Goalkeeper King alone prevented a higher score. The Ben Millers had but one fine chance to score, and Duncan frittered that. A gale sweeping over the field made long shots impossible. A crowd of 2500 enthusiastic fans filled the grandstand and bleachers.

Bethlehem resorted to a short passing game in which they displayed their vast superiority over the Missourians. The latter are used to a long passing game, and this style proved entirely ineffectual. Fouls were frequent, St. Louis being penalized 22 times against 15 by the national champions. Bethlehem forced nine corner kicks to the visitors' one.

Bethlehem won the toss and defended the west goal with the wind and sun in their favor. St. Louis was fortunate in not being scored on during the first few minutes of play, when McKelvey passed to Clarke, who drove hard for goal, but ball hitting the post. A few minutes later Fleming crossed the ball over to Pepper who missed an easy goal. There were several shots at the visitor's goal by Forrest, and Clarke which King stopped. Bethlehem's first goal was scored 12 minutes after play began, when Pepper, on a pass from Kirkpatrick, called on a long, high kick. The ball was lost in the sun and no attempt was made to stop it. Shortly after, on a foul by fullback Lancaster, in the penalty area, Referee Walder awarded a penalty kick which Fleming converted. The first ended with the score of 2 goals to 0.

On the restart the national champions faced the wind and sun. Bethlehem forced three more corners. The only good chance St. Louis had to score came in the second half when Marre sent a hard drive to Bethlehem's goal which Duncan saved.

The line-up:

Bethlehem - Positions - St. Louis
Duncan - G -- King
Fletcher - R. F. B. -- Lancaster
Ferguson - L. F. B. -- Brady
Murray - R. H. B. -- Murphy
Campbell - C. H. B. -- Quinn
Kirkpatrick - L. H. B. -- Miller
McKelvey - O. R. -- McHenry
Pepper - I. R. -- Kehrman
Clarke - C. F. -- Dunn
Forrest - I. L. -- Marre
Fleming - O. L. -- Potee
Goals - Pepper, Fleming (penalty). Referee - James Walder, Philadelphia. Linemen - J. H. Carpenter, H. A. Williams. Time of halves - 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club