The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 9, 1926
Clash Between Eastern and Western Champions at Brooklyn on Sunday

With the training session concluded, the players of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. are now awaiting the time when they go to bat against the Ben Millers, of St. Louis, in the biggest soccer classic of the season. Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, N. Y., the home of the National League baseball club, will be the scene of the titanic battle.

Active throughout the week in training, but hardly more than to keep on edge, the Bethlehem players concluded their work on Thursday night and from then on will rest up for the game. Physically the squad is probably in the best condition of the season and the management will be able to field the original lineup, selected after the team invaded and survived the semi-final and final rounds of the eastern competition.

Granger to Play

Doubt relative to the starting of two or three of the players was dispelled at the conclusion of the training. Johnny Granger, an inside right, who had been nursing an injured leg since the semi-final game against the New York Giants, is fit and ready for his job; Malcolm Goldie, indisposed by a slight cold over the last weekend, is seemingly none the worse for his sickness, while Carnihan and MacGregor, a pair of sterling halfbacks, whose presence in the game was threatened by illness and injury, are also fit for the affray.

James Easton, field manager of the club, will take charge of the players on Saturday afternoon when the club entrains for New York. They will be quartered in the latter city over night so as to dispense with the train ride on the day of the game. Only the regulars will be included on the trip, while the reserves, who will be present in the event of a last minute emergency, will leave on Sunday morning

The Ben Millers, the Steel Workers' opponents in the grand final, entrained for New York on Thursday morning and will arrive in due time to enjoy a complete rest before the game. The gave will be the first title event ever played in Brooklyn.

Both Have Supporters

Although playing on a neutral ground, both teams will be represented by their coterie of admirers. T he intense interest that prevails between the polished team of veterans that comprise the Bethlehem Steel F. C. and eleven, young, native-born players from the West has provoked plenty of wagering on the result in which the Steelmen are the favorites, although there are ready takers by those who will root for the St. Louis clan.

Those who have learned to admire the game abroad and others who have become familiar with the intricacies and effectiveness of the scientific style of play, place their faith in Bethlehem.

But the native-born element -- and they are legion -- have great confidence in the smashing youngsters from the West. For two years they have won the championship of the St. Louis Soccer League, and have defeated all the big elevens from others cities that have been brought to St. Louis for exhibition games. The forward line averages a trace over 22 years, ranging from Tal Mulroy, eighteen years old, to the veteran, Jimmy Dunn's 28. Mulroy is a high school boy, but he has been playing with the Ben Millers since he was fifteen. He is a star now, although his real development has really only begun.

Benny Nash, who plays inside left wing to Mulroy, is but twenty years old, yet he has been playing professionally for two years. George Bollam, who has been playing five years at inside right, has just topped twenty-three, and Edward Dunn, the speediest of these St. Louis players, is the same age.

The halfback line has two 160 pounders and one 170-pound man. Bill Lehman, at center half, is the heaviest and though the oldest is but twenty-four. Eddie Croak and Raphael are twenty-three years of age. The full-backs are twenty-two years old. Tom Erb started playing at eighteen and weights 160 pounds, while his companion, Tim Daly, sends the weighing bar to 170, second in that respect to Tracy, the halfback. Dave Bartnett, the goal keeper, has been playing with the St. Louis team for ten years and is 28 years of age. He is two inches short of six feet and weights 155 pounds.

The teams, as they will line up for the battle, are:

Beth. Steel -- Ben Miller
Dave Carson -- G -- David Bartnett
Joe Berryman -- RFB -- Thos. Erbe
Wm. Allan -- LFB -- Timothy Daley
R. McDonald -- RHB -- A. Petersen
Wm. Carnihan -- CHB -- E. Croak
R. MacGregor -- LHB -- R. Tracy
John Jaap -- OR -- Edward Dunn
John Granger -- IR -- George Bollam
Archie Stark -- CF -- James Dunn
John Rollo -- IL -- Benj. Nash
Mal. Goldie -- OL -- James Mulroy

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club