The Globe – Bethlehem
April 10, 1918
Bethlehem Steel Team Bent on Capturing Saturday’s

The American Cup Semi Final game between Disston A. A. and the Bethlehem Steel at Bethlehem Steel Field on Saturday, April 13th, will be the last Cup contest the Steel Workers will take part in before a local crowd this season, and a big crowd of spectators is sure to turn out to witness the game.

The American Cup is the oldest soccer trophy in the United States having been in existence since 1884. The Steel Workers were winners in 1913-14, 15-16, 16-17, and a victory this season will establish a record greater than anything ever established in this country, that of winning the cup four times in five years.

This historic emblem of soccerdom can be seen in the Trophy Room of the Bethlehem Steel Company Band Hall, and the wearers of the Blue and White are determined that Mr. Weingartner will be the custodian for at least one more year. There is no doubt in the minds of all the players that hard, fast and clever soccer will be necessary before their ambition is realized, but they feel that they are equal to the task, and many keen students of the game both here and in the New York and Philadelphia Districts, who have seen them in action, are also confident that if they play the game they are capable of, not only the American Cup, but the National Cup and National League pennant will find a welcome home in Bethlehem.


Only three more soccer games will be played by the Steel Workers on the local field this season, Disston A. A. on Saturday in the Semi Final of the American Cup, and Paterson F> C. and West Hudson in the League.

The next four games that the Steel Workers take part in will be the most strenuous consecutive contests ever played by any team in this country – an American Cup Semi Final, a National Cup final and two league games. A slip up in any would blight the season’s hopes.

Paterson F. C. with three former Bethlehem Steel players in their lineup defeated Babcock & Wilcox in the League last Sunday by three goals to two. They are sure to draw a big crowd when they play here on the 20th, that game will decide the League Championship.

Bethlehem Steel fans who might think that the Steel Workers will have easy time on Saturday with Disston had better remember that the last time these teams met Bethlehem had to play thirty minutes extra time to win by the score of 2 to 1.

At a recent meeting of soccer magnates in Newark, a discussion arose as to which players were All-American material. The Steel Workers seemed to have so many admirers that a rabid New York fan declared that they would be better to elect the whole Bethlehem team. However a staunch Bethlehem fan proved equal to the occasion when he facetiously agreed that would the best thing to do.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club