The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, April 10, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Another Major Attraction for Saturday
In recognition of the excellent performance staged in the West over the last weekend and the additional laurels to the many inscribed in the records garnered on that invasion by the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, the local management is looking for a capacity attendance, when the Steel Workers resume their campaign in the American Soccer League on Saturday afternoon. The Philadelphia F. C., although not in the running for league honors, but with several recent new acquisitions a quite formidable eleven, will be entertained by the Bethlehems on the home lot. It's been quite some time ago since the home clan was seen in action on the local field and its return should be heralded by soccer enthusiasts with keen anticipation. While Fall River has a strangle hold on the league honors and critics contend that the lead the National Champions have piled up has clinched the bunting, the Bethlehems have not yet given up hope. There are four mighty important games in which Fall River has yet to appear -- two against Bethlehem and a like number against the New York F. C. And of course it is the ambition of every club in the circuit which is still listed for game with league leaders, to down the National champions. But one defeat has been experienced by Fall River this season and that was served by the home talent.

Soccer War Threatened
A split in the ranks of soccer in this country is threatened by the ousting of Thomas W. Cahill, for twelve years the National Secretary of the U. S. F. A., according to gossip emanating from New York City. Just what effect the intimated division in the ranks might have can at this time only be conjectured but surely with two forces battling in opposition very little good can result. Following the abrupt shelving of Cahill, sharp division of the American soccer football realm into a national organization operating only highest grade professional leagues, playing on fixed schedules as do the major leagues in baseball and staging a national title series between the league champions each Spring, is in prospect. Talk along this line has been prevalent for some time and it is believed originated out around the St. Louis district. If not mistaken such a suggestion was advanced while Cahill was still in office. That such a plan might be to the interest of soccer is the belief of a good many of the game's enthusiasts. The plan is more or less along the American line of sports competition and would surely serve to bring the fans closer and more familiar with the respective cups. With a fixed schedule it would eliminate the many good dates lost when team superior are forced to meet inferior aggregation in the early rounds of the cup competitions. This plan sounds quite plausible and it is believed could be engineered with success.

The Threatened Division in Soccer Ranks
Anyone knowing Cahill personally would hardly expect that the mere ousting from the office as National Secretary would force him to relinquish all association with the dribbling game in this country. Rather the backfire from the deposed secretary threatens a general upheaval in soccer ranks. And one would hardly expect Cahill to retire after his devout and untiring efforts devoted to the development of the sport in this country during the past dozen years. The prosperous American Soccer League was organized by Cahill two years ago and has been expanded into a twelve club circuit. It is rumored that there is reason to believe Cahill with the support of St. Louis, Detroit and Pittsburgh leaders, will shortly develop a middle western league of like proportions and divorce these organizations -- and with them the cream of the professional talent -- from the National governing body. It is regretted that the unfortunate occurrence of ousting Cahill came at this time. A time when soccer seemed to have just about established a solid foundation for surely with a split in the ranks, one or the other of the dissenting factions is bound to suffer.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club