The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, April 12, 1915
Local Soccer Eleven Scores Easy Victory Over Intercollegiate Champions

It was a pretty but rather one-sided game that University of Pennsylvania intercollegiate champions and Bethlehems American league champions, put up before a large crowd Saturday, Bethlehems ultimately winning, 5 goals to 0.

After ten minutes of playing Pepper opened the scoring, the ball rolling slowly into goal during a mix-up between Penn’s right full-back and the goaltender, who ran out and fell. Murray registered t he second goal with a lightening shot. Penn broke up Bethlehems’ combination several times, but found the latter’s defense a hard proposition. Pepper, who seemed to be in ever play, registered two more goals before half time was called.

On the restart with the sun and wind in their favor, the Penn boys put up a hard fight and kept Bethlehems score down to one goal for the half. For Penn, goalkeeper Hopkins and the backs played a hard game. Pepper, at center forward, was the star performer for Bethlehems. The line-up:

Bethlehems – U. of P.
Duncan – G – A. Hopkins
Fletcher – R. F. -- Edwards
Ferguson – L. F. -- Hopkins
Lance – R. H. -- Grant
Clarke – R. H. -- Hirst
Morrison – L. H. -- Mohr
Ford – O. R. -- Disston
Murray – I. R. -- Nassau
Pepper -- C. F. -- Barron
Graham – I. L. -- McMasters
Fleming – O. L. -- Houston
Goals – Pepper, 4, Murray. Referee – Young, Philadelphia. Linesmen – Scaife, Toole, of Bethlehem. Time of halves – 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club