The Globe South Bethlehem
April 12, 1916 page 1
Chicago-Bethlehem Game

Official notification has been received from T. W. Cahill of the United States Football association of the semi-final game between the Pullman club of Chicago and Bethlehem Steel company team which will be played on the grounds of the Hyde Park Blues football club in Chicago. John B. Stark, Detroit, has been appointed referee. The game will start at 3 p.m. next Sunday and must be played to a finish. Arrangements have been made in the event of the grounds being unfit or wet weather to play the game on Monday. Reprots from Chicago go to show that the Pullman club is being specially trained for this contest as it is realized that the winner of this game will stand an excellent chance to win the United States championship of the 1916 season. All clubs and associations in Chicago are working hard to make this game a big success. The Bethlehem Steel team is training hard and every man is in splendid condition and ready to defend the title of Champion of the United States.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club