The Globe South Bethlehem
Thursday, April 13, 1916 page 3
BIG SOCCER GAME PLANS. Bethlehem Team And Officials To Invade Chicago Sunday.

Definite arrangements have been completed by Secretary Trend for the Bethlehem Steel company soccer team and officials to leave Bethlehem on Friday for Chicago. The party will travel in a special Pullman over the L.V.R.R. via Buffalo and from Buffalo to Chicago in the Lake Shore limited. The members will leave South Bethlehem Friday [ . . . ] p.m. and will arrive in Buffalo [ . . . ] a.m. Saturday. They will leave Buffalo at 7:00 and expect to arrive in Chicago 9:00 p.m. Saturday. They expect to leave Chicago for home either Sunday evening or Monday morning and may stop off at Cleveland and Detroit to play games in these cities.

Bethlehem will probably use the same team on Sunday against Pullman that defeated West Hudson. Very little information can be gathered as to the caliber and strength of the Pullman team but the members are quoted as being fast and clever, and in working their way into the semi-final of the United States cup competition have defeated such teams as the Bricklayers and Masons soccer team of Chicago; Packard, of Detroit, and the Cleveland Thistles, of Cleveland.

Three men of the Pullman forward line that will need watching are Mackie, inside right, who scored both against Cleveland and Detroit in the United States series. He is a fast clever dribbler and a dangerous shot. The other men are Shellcross, center forward who stands six feet and weights 170 pounds will also need a lot of watching and Politt the outside right is a big husky fellow and very dangerous when near goal. Of the remainder of the team very little is known except that they are supposed to have a very strong defense and a very capable goal keeper.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club