Bethlehem Globe
Tuesday, April 14, 1914
One Before Dinner and One Before Supper Were Doses Given Quaker City Experts

The champion Bethlehems team traveled to Philadelphia and undertook the difficult task of playing two league games with Smith A. A. and the Schuylkill Falls teams. That Bethlehems was equal to the occasion is clearly shown by the scores as it defeated Smith F. C. in the morning by the score of 4-1 and whitewashed the Falls in the afternoon by the score of 2-0. The afternoon game was very rough and it was very evident that the Falls main object was to injury the Bethlehems boys, Murray and Harrison being the victims. However neither was hurt very badly and will be ready for next Sunday's games.

Line-up for morning game:

Bethlehem. -- Smith A. A.
Scaife- goal - Wilkinson
Tillie - R. F. B. - Otto
Garvay - L. F. B. - Watson
Donaghy - R. H. B. - Riemenschneider
Black - C. H. B. - Taylor
Lawler - L. H. B. - Burke
Somerbell - O. R. - Haas
Leonard - I. R. - McGraw
Lance - C. F. - Morgan
Lewis - I. L. - Brecht
Galbreath - O. L. - McNabb

Goals, Lance, Gailbraith, Otto, put through his own goal, McGraw. Referee, J. Kerr. Linesmen, Toole and Goundy. Time of halves, 40 minutes.

Lineup for afternoon game.

Bethlehem. -- Falls.
Scaife - goal - McLaughlin
Toole - R. F. B. - Wise
Peacock - L. F. B. - Coventry
Stewart - R. H. B. - Barr
Morrison - C. H. B. - Cocking
Lawler - L. H. B. - Clegg
Harrison - O. R. - Brown
Donaghy - I. R. - McMillan
Murray - C. F. - Gunn
Lance - I.L. - Broadley
Fleming - O. L. - Knott

Goals, Fleming and Harrison. Referee, John Walders. Linesmen, Tillie and Hitchens. Halves, 40 minutes.

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