The Globe-Times Bethlehem
April 14, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Open Season on Invitations
If all the invitations were accepted, the Bethlehem Steel soccer team could probably campaign regularly to the end of the league season and up to the time of the start of the next. This is the open season for invitations, with soccer associations and district executives angling to have the National champions strut their stuff for the benefit of the soccer fans everywhere. It is likely that before long some proposition will be received for an international tour. From what can be learned the management is not so keen on a barn storming jaunt. There will be several of the invitations accepted, but none that will interfere with the chances of the team in the American Soccer League cup competition, which slings into action on Saturday. Trenton will be honored in seeing the National champions in their first exhibition soccer game. On Sunday of this week the Steelmen will show their stuff on the pitch in the Jersey capital. The opponent is to be a reconstructed Trenton F. C. For exhibition games, eligibility barriers are ignored.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club