The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 14, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Lewis Trophy
This is the fourth year that the Bethlehem Steel soccer team is campaigning in the American Soccer Cup competition for the Lewis trophy and incidentally the first year of all this campaigning in which opportunity of annexing the trophy was as favorable. For some reason or other, the Steelmen fell by the wayside early in the competition, usually eliminated by the recognized weaker clubs to provide some of the drastic upsets in American soccer. This year Bethlehem goes to bat as a finalist and probably better than that for having won the first of the two final games the Steelmen engage in conflict one goal up on Boston. The deciding tilt, that is providing there is no deadlock in the aggregate total score of the two games, will be played in Boston this afternoon.

The Only One Missed
The Steelmen have annexed the top honors at some time or other in every big time soccer competition in the country. All but the American Soccer league competition. This cup is needed to complete the excellent record of Bethlehem Steel teams. Twice was the trophy captured by Boston and once by New Bedford. Fall River is another topnotch club that has not yet tasted the sweets of victory in this campaign.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club