The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 15, 1918
As a Result of Disston Failing to Appear for


A fair-sized crowd of soccer fans were disappointed at Bethlehem field on Saturday afternoon when Disston A. A., of Philadelphia, failed to appear here for the semi-final American League Cup. Manager Bedford telegraphed that Disston found it impossible to play Saturday but the telegram arrived too late for the crowed to be notified and every possible effort was made to have the Disston manager change his plan but no further information came from Philadelphia.

As a result of the non-appearance of the Disston team, the Steel Workers will claim the match by forfeit. The decision awaits action of the emergency committee of the American Football Association this evening and the Steel Workers' management is confident that it will be awarded the game.

Manager John Bedford of Disston, in an announcement, states that it was owing to the weather conditions, and also because of the fact that he could not get into touch with the Bethlehem management to find out the condition of the grounds that he and his players did not make the journey to Bethlehem to tackle the Steel Workers in the semi-final.

According to Mr. Bedford, he sent at least two wires, but as he could not get an answer, he was under the impression that with all the wires being in a shattered state, due to the recent Northeaster, that weather conditions at Bethlehem were against soccer. However, when informed that Bethlehem intended claiming the game by forfeit, Mr. Bedford stated that owning to enlistments and the draft his team had been shattered which will make it hard to finish the National League schedule never name cup competitions.

Since the beginning of the season Disstons have lost he following players, either through enlistment, draft or illness: Andrews, Rogers, Lynch, Pearce, Spaulding, Thomas, Bland and McEwen.

When it was learned definitely that Disston would not appear the Bethlehem management got busy and arranged a practice game with two teams picked from the Steel Workers and several players prominent in the Blue Mountain League. Several amusing incidents occurred during this game and the fans who remained enjoyed the play. The Blues defeated the Reds by one goal to nothing, Tommy Fleming scoring.

Blues captain Pepper refereed the game and established a record of calling only two fouls during the whole contest. Some of the spectators seemed to think that he was too good natured in his judgments.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club