The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 15, 1919

Interest in the national final at Fall River is increasing daily and when Paterson F. C. and Bethlehem Steel line up Saturday for the sign of Referee [ . . . ] in motion a great crowd of lovers of the game will be sure to greet both teams. The New England fans have no particular interest in any of the two teams and they are simply thirsting for a good game, which will mean that the team that looks to be the best balanced combination can depend upon getting the support from the crowd. Judging the players individually it would appear as if Bethlehem had the edge on the silk Sockers. Their defense is hardly as strong as Bethlehem's and they seem to be undecided as to whether Broadbent or Post is the best man to use. In their halfback line there is no question but that Bethlehem can put three men on the field who are better all around than the Paterson middle line, with the possible exception of Tommy Stark, who is one of the best halfbacks in the country. The forwards is where both teams seem to be fairly evenly matched. Individually, Bethlehem is probably more brilliant and the Silk Sockers are fast and aggressive and every man is a dangerous shot and nothing but brilliant play on the part of the Bethlehem defense will be able to hold them. Summing up it would seem as if the turn of the game for both teams will depend on which halfback line is able to get control of the opposing forwards and in this the Steel Workers have a slight advantage. There is little likelihood of condition entering into the decision as both teams will be trained to the minute and no player will be allowed to take the field for either side if he is not in the best physical condition.

Bethlehem Steel will finish training on Thursday afternoon and will leave the Lehigh Valley station on Friday morning at 8:05 o'clock.

Murray, the right fullback of Paterson F. C., is a very hard player to beat in an individual tussle and he usually managers to kick the ball into touch when hard pressed. McKelvey will do well to cross before Murray can tackle him. Murray will be just as much out of the play as he would be if beaten by the outside right and the inside men will have an opportunity to do something with the ball.

Forrest, Ratican and Millar will do well to remember that trapping the ball when the line is on the move usually means that some one is called up for offside and offside rulings may come in deciding the championship.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club