The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, April 15, 1924
Steel Soccer Management Claim Rules Provide For Contest On Neutral Field

Unless action is taken on the protest registered by the Bethlehem Steel soccer team management, the local dribblers will be forced to compete in the semi-final round in the American Cup competition on the home lot of the New York F. C. The game is scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

The protest of Bethlehem is based on the grounds that the rules provide that the semi-final rounds of the cup should be staged on a neutral field, con[...] by playing at New York on the home grounds of the Gotham booters. Especially since the field is not regulation size and referred to frequently as the band box in the [...] of the American Soccer League.

It is understood that the cup committee have reported that efforts to secure a neutral field in the New York district have been unavailing and for that reason the game was ordered played on the Oval. However, it appears that while no field was available in New York city there was one in Brooklyn, N. Y. and that Hawthorne Field, presenting a playing pitch much on the order of the home field and one of regulation size could be secured. The management is now awaiting a reply from the cup committee.

In the New England bracket of the semi-final Fall River, the National champion, oppose Abbott-Worsted on a neutral ground in Pawtucket, R. I. These same four teams involved in the fight for the American Cup honors met in the same round in the National Challenge Cup competition. The survivors on Sunday will meet in the final.

Since Bethlehem has a hard fight on its hand in the American Soccer League race the club is exceedingly [...] to garner the honors in the American Cup competition. For that reason daily sessions of practice are being resorted to and every effort will be made to field the strongest club possible. The team with the exception of one or two positions will be the same as last Saturday. Turner will be back in his old position at outside right with Alec Jackson moved back to the inside job on the forward line. Granger played the latter position but was pretty badly bumped up in the league game against Philadelphia here last Saturday.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club