The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, April 16, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Getting Tough Breaks
If there is such a thing as "brakes" in sports competition the Steel Workers soccer team sure has been getting them tough in the campaigning which is rapidly drawing to a close. From New York where the cup committee presides comes the information that Bethlehem will have to oppose the New York F. C. in the semi-final round of the American Cup competition in the Gotham dribblers band box at New York Oval. The semi-final is decreed to be played in the New York district. And also it is distinctly understood that this round, as well as the final, in the cup competition is to be played on a neutral field. Couldn't get a suitable field in the district is the reply of the cup committee in assigning the game to the Oval. Still Bethlehem representatives have unearthed an excellent field in Brooklyn known as Hawthorne Park, which at least would provide the neutrality and likewise a playing space of 70 by 100 yards, the regulation dimensions.

Will Go Through With The Game
Nothing to do but go through with the game or lose by forfeit apparently is the status should Bethlehem refuse to play in the Oval. And therefore the Steel Workers in spite of any advantages that might favor the New Yorkers in playing on their home field will be on deck at the appointed time on Sunday afternoon. In a pure sense of fairness, however, it's not right. Bet Fall River and Abbott Worsted, semi-finalists in the New England bracket of the same competition would object strenuously if the game were to be played on the field of either one of these clubs. Pawtucket, R. I., the home of the J & P Coats, will be the scene of the contest.

Played Best Game of Season In Oval
One consolation and without a doubt a most stimulating inspiration in the determination to annex victory for the players and management, is the fact that possibility the best game played by the Bethlehems this season was enacted at the oval. In referring to any past performance it is always a fourth round replay of the National Cup competition in which Bethlehem eliminated the New Yorkers on the latter's home field, that stands out as the finest and possibly the best game played by the home clan this season. After New York played Bethlehem to a draw on the Steel lot, the locals tripped to New York the following Sunday and before a big crowd jolted the aspirations of the Gotham crowd. It's too bad that Harrison Field, Harrison, N. J., the scene of many big cup conflicts and always acceptable by the parties involved, was destroyed by fire and no attempt made to rebuild the park.

Popular Referee Toiling in Local Plant
Ed McCabe, a soccer referee seen here and elsewhere and the selection for the big cup clashes, including the National final in St. Louis several weeks ago, is earning his salt in Bethlehem, having recently accepted a position at the local plant of the Bethlehem Steel Co. McCabe, practically a stranger to American soccer circles at the start of the season, impressed with the decisive style in which he handed the games and in practically all of the important tilts was given preference. By accepting a position with the Bethlehem Club none of his officiating in the future will be done in games involving the Bethlehem team. Quite recently the American League took action in this regard and not only banished a man associated with the team and local plant from officiating but also demanded neutral linesmen. The effect will no doubt be the same in the cup tilts.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club