The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 16, 1925
New Steel Soccer Player in Practice is Showing Up Exceptionally Well

That Bethlehem Steel has captured another soccer find is apparent by the display of Hugh Reid recently from Ireland, where he played first division soccer by his display in the practice with the Steel dribblers this week. Possessing an excellent physique for the position of fullback, he has other pronounced assets that have created a favorable impression in the eyes of soccer critics, and if he can maintain the same pace in actual hostilities he will, more than likely, be listed with the regular fullbacks of the team. He kicks with either foot and has a good drive in clearing. As yet, however, he has had no opportunity to display his ability in tackling.

This chance will probably be presented on Saturday afternoon, when the Steel Workers journey to Philadelphia to meet Fleisher Yarn in an American Soccer League game. While no definite lineup has been selected, it is hinted that Reid will more than likely be injected into the lineup. Of modest disposition and possessing a most congenial attitude, the newcomer is already popular and well liked by his teammates.

There is really nothing exciting in the games listed in the league over the weekend. Fall River, the league leader, will be idle over the weekend and as a result the Steel Workers are again presented with the opportunity of sliding into first place with one game more played than their New England rivals. To do so, Bethlehem must defeat Fleisher and while such a result is expected, the Fleisher crowd are always dangerous, usually playing their best against top notch clubs.

The games scheduled for over the weekend and the referees to handle them follows:

At Philadelphia -- Fleisher Yarn vs. Bethlehem Steel. Referee, Oates.
At Pawtucket -- J & P Coats vs. Newark F. C. Referee, A. Hart.
At Boston -- Boston F. C. vs. Indiana Flooring. Referee, O. Odell.
At New Bedford -- New Bedford F. C. vs. Philadelphia F. C. Referee, George Lambie.

Sunday Games
At New York -- Indiana Flooring vs. Brooklyn F. C. Referee, McCabe.
At New York -- New York Giants vs. Newark F. C. Referee, Nuttall.
At Providence -- Providence F. C. vs. Philadelphia. Referee, Rose.
Monday Game (Lexington Day)
At New Bedford -- New Bedford vs. Boston. Referee, Hart.

The following is the list of the fourteen leading goal scorers.

A. Stark, Bethlehem -- 59
H. Brittan, Fall River -- 33
A. Stevens, Boston -- 27
J. Best, Providence -- 24
J. Nelson, Brooklyn -- 23
R. Drummond, J & P Coats -- 20
A. Stradan, Fleisher Yarn -- 20
J. Purvis, Fleisher Yarn -- 20
D. Brown, N. Y. Giants -- 18
H. Garison, Indiana Flooring -- 17
T. Abdullah, Providence -- 15
T. Fleming, Boston -- 13
H. McGowan, Fall River -- 13
W. Hott, Brooklyn -- 13

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club