The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 17, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

One Trophy in the Bag
Soccer trophies in the major campaigning are not as easily copped in the present day soccer as they were a few years back. In the latter days there were several clubs recognized far superior, and really were, than their opponents and to them winning soccer laurels became more or less of a habit. The popular booting game developed with leaps and bounds and to go out today and snare one of the three major soccer trophies is a man's sized job. There is a more liberal apportionment of these honors, decided, of course, on merit and as some would have it, "the breaks of a game." Thus far two major honors have been decided and it was quite appropriate that Bethlehem Steel, seldom out of the running, should have one of these trophies in the bag. The Steelmen's crown, the American Soccer League cup championship, which carries with it the Lewis trophy emblematic of professional club supremacy, was not a Santa Claus presentation but a distinction earned in a grueling cup campaign. To win the Steel booters had to defeat Boston, a defending champion and a team that had won the trophy two times in the four years of competition. New Bedford shares honors with Bethlehem as a one-time cup winner. The other blue ribbon classic decided is the National Challenge cup in possession of the New York Nationals by virtue of their victory over the Chicago Bricklayers in the final replay waged in the Windy City last Sunday.

All Through With the Cup Business
Cup hopes are no longer in season. Both have been decided. However, while major significance is attached to the winning of a cup the windup of the league promises to be a quite interesting affair. Fall River, one of the top-notch clubs booted out of both cups, is making a determined bid to shine for the only big time honor still available. The Marksmen are topping the second half of the league race and if they remain there will be one of the four clubs to battle for the league championship. Insofar as eligibles are concerned, Boston and New Bedford, winner and runner-up in the first half, have already qualified. If Bethlehem wants to share in this round robin series the Steelmen will have to stop along to finish at least second in the final dash to the wire. This round robin series, climaxing the soccer season, by the way, will decide who's who insofar as league affairs are concerned.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club