The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, April 18, 1919
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
A Dull Day in Sports
Athletic enthusiasts will have to look elsewhere for their favorite pastime tomorrow since the day in Bethlehem will provide little activity in this entertainment. It will be the first time in weeks that one team or another was not scheduled to play a home game and the absence of all the squads will be sadly missed. The situation is very unusual and as a result fans will have to wile away their time in other forms of amusement. Every athletic team of note is either schedule to play on strange territory or has had its game canceled by reason of the Easter vacation. Although playing out of town, the activities of at least two of the teams will be watched with keen interest. Especially, is this true in the final for the National Cup which will be played at Fall River, Mass. Manager Sheridan and his champions left this morning for the scene of conflict and will arrive there some time during the night. The trip was so arranged as to give the players a good night's rest before starting in their quest of annexing the second big soccer honor for the season.

A. F. A. Accepts Disston Offer
Disston Baseball Park, Philadelphia, will be the scene of the final of the American Cup between Bethlehem and Paterson on April 26. The directors of the American Football Association could hardly have turned down the offer of the Quaker City soccer enthusiasts and local fans as well as the rabid ones in Philadelphia are certain to commend their action. At a meeting in Newark, N. J., the proposition of staging the classic without any expense other than the traveling expenses of the two teams was discussed last night and following the session, Sec. E. M. Beveridge announced that the Disston grounds had been finally decided upon. Philadelphia fans have taken a keen interest in the campaigning of the Steel Workers and are certain to pull hard for them to win. The game will incidentally mark the first time in the history of cup competition that the final has been played away from Jersey soil.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club