The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, April 18, 1924

In spite of the vigorous protest of the management of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team in regard to playing the semi-final round of the American Cup competition on the home grounds of the New York F. C. the cup committee have taken no action whatever and as a result the game will be played at the park first selected by this body of executive.

While surely the Bethlehems are not taking kindly to the selection of New York oval as the place for this important tilt they are nevertheless compelled to go through with it and are now more determined than ever to remain in the running and eliminate the New Yorkers much the same as the Gotham dribblers were eliminated by Bethlehem in the fourth round of the National Cup competition.

While the game on Sunday is taken seriously by the players their main [...] lies in annexing victory is because by so doing there is a possibility of meeting Fall River in the final. The New Englanders, National champions, are listed for the semi final round in the same competition against the Abbott Worsted eleven and if successful will meet the winner of the New York-Bethlehem tilt.

Should Bethlehem and Fall River be paired off for the final in the American Cup competition it will mean that the [...] meet their most heated rival in three more games this season with one surely to be staged on the home ground. Two games are still scheduled in the American Soccer League, one to be played in Bethlehem and the other in Fall River. The cup tilt would be played on a neutral field with the New York district most likely to be selected.

At the club house of the Bethlehem it was learned that the following players will be inserted into the lineup on Sunday: Highfield, goal; Young and Ferguson, fullbacks; McGregor, Carnihan and Terris, halfbacks; Turner, A. Jackson, W. Jackson, Maxwell and Goldie, forwards.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club