The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 18, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

One They Can't Take
Congratulations on the victory of the American Soccer League championship decided by Bethlehem in the draw game against the New York Giants on the latter's pitch on Sunday afternoon. The Steel Workers, with five more league games to play, completed the season with the low percentage of only five defeats, a feat quite distinguished in this modern day of soccer football and the distribution of the high class talent among the league clubs. It has been a long time since Bethlehem won a league championship. And here's hoping they keep the bunting in the Steel City for a couple of seasons.

Fall River Out of the Picture
Fall River, a league champion two successive seasons, was out of the picture up to the final stages of the race when the Marksmen brushed up and came to the wire as a contender for the honors. For a small number of defeats in winning the championship, the Marksmen hold the record. Last year they waded the rough the season to lose only two league games. However, the Marksmen were forced to share the points in twelve games as against seven draws for Bethlehem this year. In the matter of points against, Fall River won the title, losing only sixteen. Bethlehem with five defeats and seven draws to date, clinches the title, losing seventeen points. With five more games to play, Bethlehem scored 103 points against 37 for the opponents. Fall River, the dethroned title holder, won the league championship scoring 41 points against 51, playing the complete schedule.

Bethlehem Best in All Series
Never really a dangerous contender, Indiana Flooring, nevertheless, will cherish the laurels gained in league encounters against Bethlehem. The New York Floormakers are the only team which finishes the season holding the whip hand in the series of four games, and the only team to twice defeat the Steelmen this season. Both games were won in New York. One resulted in a draw played on Bethlehem field and t he Steelmen finally avenged those results by taking a close game from Indiana on the home field on Saturday afternoon. Bethlehem's defeats included the two games won by Indiana and one each lost to Fall River, Boston and New Bedford.

Meet the Marksmen in Cup Final
This will be a busy week for the Steelmen, launching the Hakoah tour here on Wednesday afternoon in Taylor Stadium. This tilt will be the appetizer before Bethlehem goes to bat in the Eastern final of the National Cup. Fall River, by defeating Providence on Sunday afternoon, is the finalist in the New England bracket. Fletcher's gang from Providence game the Marksmen plenty of opposition, submitting to defeat only after an extra half hour period. Chances are the big Eastern final will be played in the Yankee Stadium, New York. The stadium is available if the cup can see the high rental asked. Decisions on the site will probably be made today.

Newark's Belated Rush
The standing of the clubs in the American Soccer League finds Newark buried under an avalanche of defeats in third last place. To Jersey fans the league standing does not mean a thing, for the staunch supporters can rightly point to the belated rush of the Newark clan as one of the most brilliant wind up campaigns in the league. Newark did more damage to the ambitions of the contenders for high honors than any other club in the circuit. It was the Jerseymen who knocked Bethlehem out of the American League Cup competition in the first round; shattered the hopes of Nat Agar's Brooklyn Wanderers in the National cup and followed this brilliant exploit with a victory over Indiana Flooring in the same competition. Bethlehem fans with weak hearts flirted with the undertaker during the ninety minutes of hostilities in the National Cup semi final when the Steelmen after a hustling game qualified as a finalist by the close margin of one goal. With the exception of the cup defeat, Newark's clan of castoffs, whose only player said to be permanently on the pay roll is Jock Marshall, has won something like seven games in the last nine starts.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club