The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, April 19, 1915
Was One of Best Exhibitions of Soccer for Considerable Time – Fleming , Ferguson and Morrison Star

Bethlehems yesterday defeated Fall River Rover by the score of 4-1 at Fall River. It was one of the best exhibitions of soccer seen in the vicinity for some time, Bethlehems showing to great advantage. Both teams were at full strength, Captain Morrison winning the toss, Smith, Fall River, kicking off. The play was fast, the half going from one goal to the other. However, in a scrimmage near the goal, Fleming scored the visitors’ first goal. This same player registered Bethlehems’ second goal, just before half time with a splendid swerving shot. On resumption of play Fall River took up the attack, Smith and Swords walking through, Duncan saving splendidly on the latter’s shot. Millar passed to Fleming, who slipped past both backs and scored an easy goal. Following the kick-off Clarke tripped Smith in the penalty area. Referee Pemberton awarding a penalty kick which Swords converted. Play then became fast and the players were cautioned, Ferguson’s defensive play causing much comment. Milalr and Pepper tested Albion, and Morrison coming in on the me scored with a good shot. Shortly afterward the game ended with the Pennsylvanians on the defensive. Fleming, Ferguson and Morrison starred for the visitors, while Swords, smith and Dalton were the best for Fall River.

Bethlehems – Fall River
Duncan – Goal -- Albion
Fletcher – R. F. B. -- Booth
Ferguson – L. F. B. -- Riley
Campbell – R. H. B. -- Holmes
Clarke – C. H. B. -- Dalton
Morrison – L. H. B. -- Burns
Ford – O. R. -- Daly
Murray – I. R. -- McMahon
Millar – C. F. -- Smith
Pepper – I. L. -- Swords
Fleming – O. L. -- McLean
Referee - -C. Pemberton, Pawtucket. Linesmen – Foote and Gray. Goals – Fleming, 3; Morrison, Swords, (penalty.) Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bthlehem Steel Soccer Club