The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, April 19, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Make Formal Announcement of Cahill's Disposal
The weekly news letter sent out by the United States Football Association makes formal announcement this week of the disposal of Thomas W. Cahill as honorary secretary. No alleged charges are included, the letter referring to his withdrawal with mere mention of sincere regret that circumstances compelled such action. Commenting on the retiring of Mr. Cahill, the letter says:

At a meeting of the National Commission held on April 6th in New York City, all members being present, Thos. W. Cahill was relieved of the duties attending the Office of Hon. Secretary of the United States Football Association. This office he has filled since the inception of the Association in 1913, and it is a matter of sincere regret that circumstances have compelled his withdrawal. During the long term of his office he has at all times been the central figure in the football world, having traveled further in the interest of soccer football within the United States than any other individual. He has also on three occasion led football clubs or selected teams to fields and he is a well known figure in soccer circles in European countries. On April 10th the official headquarters were removed from 126 Nassau Street to 136 Liberty Street, Room 705, New York City, communications should be addressed to Andrew M. Brown, who has been appointed to act as Honorary Secretary for the balance of the term. Geo. M. Mollins, Boston, has been appointed manager of the Olympic Team in place of Mr. Cahill and the appointment is sure to meet the approval of every soccer fan.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club