The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 19, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Steel Men Advance in American Cup
Unexpected opposition was encountered by the Steel Workers in their game against the Phillies in the latter's park on Sunday afternoon. However, that was to be expected, for Philadelphia teams have always proven a "jinx" to the steel machine. Bethlehem won by the close margin of one goal to none, and thereby advances to the second round of the American Soccer League cup competition, meeting Newark on the latter's pitch next Sunday. The Steelmen should have little difficulty defeating the Jersey outfit, and if surviving, will meet must stiffer opposition in the semi-final and final rounds.

Phillies Protest Game
George Young was a very popular official in the eyes of Quaker City soccer fans prior to the Bethlehem-Phillies setto, but the same George has apparently lost much of his prestige because he happened to call a decision which, in his opinion, was impartial and rendered with the best of judgment. It came when Graham crashed the ball for goal, Carson tipping it over the cross-bar for a cover. Phillies fans, undoubtedly partisan in their view, were convinced that the ball has entered the net before Carson got his hands on it and heaved it over the cross bar. Young called it a corner and some of the more infuriated fans made it rather hot for George after the game. But he survived the threatened rally and good he did, for it is more than likely that the decision will be aired in a protest said to have been registered by the Phillies. While there is little chance of the protest being sustained, should the unexpected happen, the Steelmen would have to oppose the Phillies in another game. Two thousand, five hundred fans are said to have witnessed the game. In the event of another game it might safely be said that this attendance would be swelled to almost triple the number. From a box office standpoint, a sustained protest would be a big "geld" getter.

Enthusiasm Glaringly Lacking
Since the Bethlehem Steel Soccer team annexed the National championship we have been waiting, and apparently will continue to wait, for some expression from the city in recognizing this feat, an accomplishment that deserved more expression of civic pride. Throughout the country Bethlehem F. C. is heralded as the soccer champion. The success of the team has been broadcast to foreign shores. And Bethlehem calmly accepts the accomplishment with no demonstration whatever. It is a rather cold-blooded proposition in contrast to the reception accorded other teams that have been equally successful in the biggest soccer classic waged in the country. There were no bands to greet the players on their return with the championship honors. Just a few of the loyals who have patronized the team turned out at the station to wring the hands of the players with congratulations. It sort of gets under the skin when in the past it is recalled that other athletic achievements which in no wise can be compared with the victory of the Bethlehem soccer team were made the occasion for much celebration.

Banquets and Gifts for Fall River
When Fall River won the championship, the name of Fall River was flashed to all corners of the world and in recognition of the world-wide fame brought to the town, the team was tendered a reception befitting the honors. Before leaving for the final they were tendered a banquet and each presented with a gift. Upon the return with the title annexed, the civic response was even more pronounced. And this is but one illustration. However, the players will not be entirely ignored, for it is understood that a few friends of the team have planed a reception in honor of their achievement. Other receptions will come from the United States Football Association and will be the cherished gold soccer ball for the players who took part in the final and a medal for every member of the squad.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club