The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 19, 1927
Vienna Stars Quartered at Hotel Bethlehem -- Game at Lehigh Tomorrow

With Taylor Field, Lehigh University, the scene of the big international soccer classic, the blue ribbon event to be staged in Bethlehem this season, everything was in readiness today for the arrival of the Hakoah soccer team, of Vienna, who on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 pit their skill against that of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. defending National champion and 1926-27 champion of the American Soccer League.

Visitors at Hotel Bethlehem

The members of the Jewish team arrived this afternoon. They were received at the station by a committee and then taken to their headquarters at the Hotel Bethlehem

The Bethlehem players went through their last practice this afternoon and appeared in good condition, in spite of the many injuries experienced since the start of the cup games. Archie Stark, inside right, Robert MacGregor, left half back, "Bill" Carnihan, center halfback, and Malcolm Goldie, outside left, were all out of uniform and went through their paces seeming none the worse for their injuries.

With several days to shake off their sea legs, the Hakoahs went through the first training paces on American soil yesterday on the New York-Indiana Oval. The All-Jewish soccer players, who hope to duplicate the success of the first team which came over a year ago, are somewhat lighter on the whole than their predecessors and on the average a bit younger.

Real Training Sessions.

That they possess great speed was clearly shown when they went through their paces for a full hour. During that period they practiced kicking, passing and handling the ball. Alexander Fabian, who made a name for himself as a brilliant goal keeper last year, did not give any indication yesterday of having lost any of his skill. Max Gold, Max Scheuer, Aloys Hess and Sigmund Wortmann, members of the first team, are all in top form.

That the Hakoahs take their training as seriously as their playing was evident by the routine of practice resorted to. A portion of the time was devoted to calisthenics and breathing exercises. Arthur Barr, the trainer, handled the whistle and directed the players as they were put through leg exercises, which included running and sprinting in group formation. Although the tryout was intended exclusively for the press, upwards of 500 soccer enthusiasts gained admission to the field and encouraged the players by liberal applause.

On Monday night the Hakoah squad were guests of honor at a big sports entertainment in the Community Center, New York, at which Benny Leonard presided.

Sketch of Players.

Much interest is manifest in the personnel of the Hakoahs. The players who comprise the team and a brief description of their careers follows:

Fabian, 23 years old. Started to play with the Hakoah Juniors. Two years ago, he became a full-fledged Hakoah member when he surpassed himself in a game against the Rapid, on of Europe's foremost teams. One of Austria's best goalkeepers and the idol of Vienna. His winning personality as well as his astonishing coolness under pressure have made him one of the team's most liked players.

Gold (right back) 25 years old. Active with the Hakoah for the past four year. Gave his best performance in the Hakoah games against the British teams. Is considered as one of the greatest defensive players on the Continent. Mad good last American tour.

Wegner (left back) 24 years old. Member of the team for the last two years. In that short time has won permanent position on Hakoah first team, and is looked upon as worthy successor to the famous Scheuer, who after a successful career is still one of the most reliable substitutes. Made good last American tour.

Hess (left half) 22 years old. He was advanced from the Junior division of the club. He plays several positions equally well. His versatility was amply demonstrated during the recent games in Paris, from which the Hakoah emerged a victor. Made good last American tour.

Wortman (inside left) 18 years old. Is the baby of the team. By spectacular playing, he advanced from the Junior team. Is excellent shot. Despite his youth his vigorous playing and remarkable endurance have made him one of the most redoubtable members of the Hakoah team. Made good last American tour.

Scheuer, a first rate player who is able to assume practically any position on the team at any time. Has remarkable records. Made good last American tour.

Feldman, 26 years old. Previously he was a member of the Bar-Kochba (German name for Hakoah). Born in Vienna. Since he joined the Vienna Hakoah he made extensive tours and was a sensation wherever he played. On his last trip, however, he injured himself badly and was out of condition for about three months. He is one of the best fullbacks the Hakoah ever had.

Fried, 28 years old. Could not join last year's Hakoah tour to the States. He is by all means the best right or left halfback. He shows wonderful technique in the field. He was chosen as an International for the Austrian team.

Strohs, 18 years old. Plays left or right halfback. At present he is one of the youngest members of the team. Was discovered by the Hakoah when playing with an underclassed team. During his stay with the Hakoah he improved wonderfully and attracted attention of all the critics. It is generally spoken that he is one of the most talented football players who came out of obscurity last year.

Fischer, 25 years old. Formerly member of the first Vienna Club. Joined for the Hakoah nine months ago, he is the standard player of the Austrian National team. Fischer, it is said, is the most perfect dribbler which cannot be duplicated by any other left wing. He shows tricks and technique to such extend that his opponent never knows what he is going to do.

Katz, 26 years old. Played formerly left outside. Since joining the Hakoah traveled all over Europe. Was selected as International to play against the Hungarians, Swiss, Sweden, Germany, etc. After the big stars of the Hakoah who toured the States left, and joined some American teams, he offered his services to the Hakoah. At present he is in much more brilliant form as right outside than before. His ability as outside wing is remarkable and after Kestler is one of the biggest goal scorers.

Kestler, 24 years old. Played with the second team of the Hakoah a long time unnoticed. He improved since the last season astoundingly and is center forward of the Hakoah. He scores in every game once or twice and is a leader of the list of goals scoring players on the Vienna League, shooting strongly with right and left foot. He obtained the hat-trick in three successive goals the current season.

Barback, 21 years old. Formerly a member of Slovan S. C., plays halfback, left and right. He is one of the great Jewish players who at last found his way to the Hakoah. He is a busy player destroying the offensive work of the opponent and still finding time to build up for their own team.

Kovacal, 23 years old. Cousin to Fabian, the famous goalie. He was playing in Budapest for 33 F. C. He is an excellent inside, and was formerly selected as International of the Hungarians to play against Austria.

In addition to the above there are four more Jewish stars who will be announced. These come from leading teams in Hungary and Czecho-Slovakia.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club