Bethlehem Globe
Sunday, April 20, 1914
Bethlehems Had Better of Game, Which Was Witnessed by 3500.
Score 0-0 - Referee Misses Many Fouls - Played Two Extra Periods.

Paterson, N.J., April 20 - Tacony and Bethlehems failed to decide the American cup title at Olympia Park here today, the game resulting in a scoreless tie despite the fact that two extra fifteen-minute halves were played after the regular two forty-five minute periods. Neither side could break through with the needed shot that would have decided the winner.

Fully 3500 soccer enthusiasts turned out to witness the blue ribbon event of soccer football. The game will probably be replayed either next Saturday or Sunday, the decision to be made by the American Football Association at the meeting on Tuesday night at Newark.

Bethlehems had the better of the game being on the aggressive practically every minute of the entire play. Many opportunities were lost by the front rank of both aggregations, when it[?] came to accuracy in front of the goals; Flemming and Donaghy for Bethlehems were off in their shooting having at least five chances to send their team home with the title of American cup winner.

Condition of Teams.
The fine physical condition of the players on both teams stood out as they entered the field and after two hours of grueling play they still had considerable energy left. Bethlehems players were trained to the minute, receiving the finishing touches of their hardening process at the Delaware Water Gap where they quartered for the last several days while Tacony was being conditioned under the watchful eye of an expert trainer.

Quite a large delegation of rooters journeyed from Philadelphia, New York and Bethlehem to witness the contest. The day was an ideal one from a spectator's standpoint, but it was rather warm for the players and it began to tell on them during the closing moments of the contest, several times during the second half the game slowed considerably and only the plaudits of the crowd kept them in good spirits.

Referee Montgomery who was chosen by the American Football Association as the presiding official missed many fouls and at times the players and spectators showed their disapproval of his decisions.

Tacony Wins Toss.
The game was called at three p.m. Captain Small of Tacony and Captain Peacock of the Bethlehems aggregations tossed the coin for the choice of ends, the Sawmakers winning the toss and they chose the north goal with the wind at their backs. The game had only been in progress a few minutes when Bethlehems secured the ball and with a rush down the field were conceded a corner shot,, but Fleming, who kicked it, shot too far into the field and his efforts were wasted.

The ball was in the Tacony territory for about ten minutes when Houison and Hartwell by clever combination work took the ball down the field for a long run only to be intercepted by Lance. Lance then made an attempt for a goal which was cleared well by Ness. A free kick was given against Wilson for fouling Morrison and the latter sent the ball to his opponents goal which was cleared by Ness.

NOTE: [ . . . ]indicates illegible text.

With only the goalkeeper to beat [ . . . ] Fleming [ . . . ] chance to place his team in [ . . . ] when he kicked high over the net. After play had been in progress about twenty minutes, Tacony came to life and by some clever combination work sent the ball down the field and was in good postion to score, but Bethelehems [ . . . ] intercepted the ball and their efforts were wasted.

From a corner kick by Fleming, Murray rushed the ball but his kick was yards high, play for the next twenty minutes was in Tacony territory, but the great defense of Small and McEwan was too strong for their opponents. Toward the end of the first half Houison and Kemp raced the ball up the field, Houison missing by a few inches. The first half ended without neither team scoring.

Extra Periods Listless.
During the entire second half Bethlehems with the wind at their backs and continually bombarded the Tacony gaol but Ness was equal to the occasion and saved several shots that looked dangerous. Tacony had a good opportunity to score twenty minutes after half time when they were awared a free kick on a foul, Kennedy centered well but the forward line did not take advantage of the opening and their efforts went for naught.

The two extra periods played were devoid of any exciting incidents neither team playing the game they were capable of. Many of the spectators thought that Bethlehems were playing for a draw game when Lance was shifted to the back field and continually called for more aggressive play.

The game ended without either team making any headway, for play was about even and confined mostly to the center of the field when the final whistle sounded.

The line-up: ---
Tacony - Positions - Bethlehems
Ness - G - Scaife
Small - R. F. - Toole
McEwan - L. F. - Peacock
Kennedy - R. H. - Stewart
Campbell - C. H. - Morrison
Alexander - L. H. - Lawler
Hartwell - O. R. - Harrison
Kemp - I. R. - Murray
Houison - C. F. - Lance
Wilson - I.L. - Donaghy
Thombs - O. L. - Flemming

Referee, Allen Montgomery, Newark. Linesmen, Peats and Ward of Newark. Time of halves, 45 minutes; two extra 15-minute halves.

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