The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 20, 1925
No Stir Over Reported Protest of Boston Against Play in St. Louis

The anticipated fireworks at the meeting of the American Soccer League moguls held in New York on Saturday evening failed to materialize and with the exception of a few [ . . . ] skirmishes, the meeting passed quite tamely.

Apparently all the hubbub concerning the selection of St. Louis [ . . . ] third and final meeting between the Ben Millers and the Boston F. C. were more idle chatter emanating from Boston, for although [ . . . ] was not discussed at the meeting, it was intimated that the Boston management really never filed a formal protest against going to St. Louis.

Boston is going to St. Louis for a game next Saturday as arranged by the American Soccer League executives and apparently is well satisfied to make the trip. The only hitch insofar as the Hubmen were vitally concerned, it was learned, was the arrangement of the split of gate receipts.

The winner of this series will be proclaimed the National professional soccer champion and if the dope runs true to form, the Hubmen should return with the title. It is therefore of interest to local soccer followers that the big Eastern soccer classic will be played in Bethlehem on the steel field on May 2, when Boston comes here for the final league encounter with the Steel Workers. While Bethlehem has no chance to win officially the professional title a victory over the Hubmen in their engagement in Bethlehem would be morally recognized as the Steel Workers being the better of the two teams.

If any discussion relative to the merit of these clubs were raised the statistics of previous games involving Bethlehem and Boston could be refereed to and would disclose that in three meetings thus far this season the Hubmen have yet to win their first game from Bethlehem. Two of these games were played in Boston, one resulting in a draw and the other in a victory for Bethlehem. In the one game played in Bethlehem the Steel Workers were also victorious. The final game between these two clubs will no doubt attract the attention of the fans in the entire American League circuit.

In arranging the schedule the Steel Workers were assigned to New York next Sunday for the final meeting with the Giants. The latter upset the stride of the Bethlehem clan by winning the first two games played and are more or less responsible for the position of the Steel Workers in the league race. Against New York on the home grounds the Gotham dribblers are no easy team to beat.

The expulsion of Johnny Granger in the Fleisher game on Saturday places quite a weighty problem on the Bethlehem management. Granger was ordered out of the game with McQuade, a Fleisher back, after a little fuss following a collision between the two players and according to the rules of the league he will be lost to he team for two weeks. His absence in the lineup at this critical time is quite a blow to the local management. Arthur Robertson, a halfback, who has filled in on the front line in several emergencies during the season, is not in condition, and "Sturdy" Maxwell who fractured his hand several weeks ago, will hardly be fit. Maxwell, an inside right, removed the splint on his hand today and will probably start working out this week. George Forrest, an outside right, is in condition and more than likely, pending the showing of Maxwell, will have to be the selection for the inside job on Sunday.

Probably the hardest game remaining on the schedule for Fall River and the one on which the outcome is pos-[TEXT MISSING]

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club